Preston Dominatrix – Medical Play and Bondage Specialist

Medical Play with Mistress Maggie

Welcome to the White Room, my very own rubber clinic. A dedicated medical playroom, equipped in crisp clinic style and offering the perfect surroundings for a diverse range of perverse adult treatments.

As a happy and natural fetish nurse I feel right at home in my White Room, where with many years of experience under my nurse belt I can proudly say that I am practising appropriate sterile medical procedures to perfection. I have also expanded on my love for latex in all its forms, doing rubber clinic sessions which focus on rubber medical play and perversions for the mutual enjoyment of both myself and my latex addicted patients. Looking the part is important to me; traditional nurse uniforms, scrubs, lab coats and tight rubber nurse ensembles make up my wardrobe, along with aprons, masks and many gloves to compliment and arouse your medical fetish.

Climb on to my motorised couch and become the centre of my attention. Let me strap you into the best position to indulge your medical fantasies – maybe with your legs spread wide for my most invasive intimate procedures, or immobilised in restraints with your bodily functions subjected to my control, or in the care of an astute matron, snapping on her latex gloves in preparation for giving you a thorough examination.

My most favoured clinic activities include –

Exciting your nerves with electricity in all of your sensitive places, giving you unique feelings in your cock, balls, bum and nipples. TENS is my favourite for keeping your other body parts pulsating. Collecting unusual electrodes is a hobby and I have enough electroplay units and electrodes to create a diverse mixture of mono and bipolar sensations, keeping patients in check at the touch of a button. The feelings I create with electricity can be pleasurable, shocking, orgasmic, playful, or very painful. With my assistance you can discover a depth of feeling that you are unlikely to encounter outside of my medical chambers.

Glove smothering and dozens of masks give me control over the way you inhale. I have a large number of gas masks that I can combine with hoses for use with rebreathe bags and bubble bottle inhalation, filters and pleasure toys when it pleases me. Let me plumb you and your pipes into my Gas Station for a unique kind of hands free breath play or intoxicating aroma delivery. As your medical Mistress I know the techniques needed for keeping my patients breathing deeply, or not at all as the moment dictates. I like to hear your steady breaths from inside a dedicated rubber breathplay hood, covering your mouth for anaesthetic roleplay, caressing your bizarre rubber faces and generally making my slaves look and feel fantastic with my many and varied mask and hose combinations. Though I don’t consider aroma sniffing a form of breathplay, it is a popular activity and I have quite a few options available for enjoying aromas with your breath control, including the very latest version of the aroma pump hose and the nasal cannula pump system.

Lets slip that catheter inside there, right down into your bladder and open up a host of new possibilities. A full kit of single use sterile parts is used and once the catheter is properly inserted I can begin to drain your bladder. It’s a shame you can’t wee on your own and need to rely on your nurse removing her scissor clamps or opening up your little drain tap, but that is the control I enjoy. There are various places your bladder contents can flow, I’m not afraid to send urine on a deviant diversion to rehydrate my patient, or let you off the couch with a filled up leg bag. Catheterised bladders can also be washed out in a sterile way, or filled up again with further toilet visits denied.

Rubber Clinic
Most of my medical sessions begin with my guy in a latex hood, a gown or tucked up under a rubber drape, but my idea of a true rubber clinic includes a rubber addicted patient who needs his rubber in ever increasing amounts and his treatment dictated by a skilled nurse in rubber uniform. I have a fair few uniforms to give you a fever which can only be cured with my unorthodox treatments. Secured on the gynaecology couch in your latex suit, bodybags and restraints I take delight in opening all your zips to examine your most affected parts, dilating orifices as is necessary and adding breathplay hoods and rubber toys until you are living and breathing latex.

Available procedures include –

Anal Play – rubber glove examinations, speculums, proctoscopes, butt plugs including bi-polar electro, dildos, other insertable and inflatable items

Aromas – room aromas (formerly known as poppers) are allowed, please enquire

Breath Play – hoods, gags, plastic bags, gas masks, filters and hoses, anaesthetic masks, rebreather bags, the ‘Gas Station’ unique air management system, bubble bottle inhalation. Rubber, plastic and glove smothering

Catheters – urinary catheters, bladder control, draining, and washouts. A full sterile kit and Foley catheter is provided, please enquire

Clamping and Stretching – medical grade stainless steel instruments and weights

Electrics – TENS, Electrastim and Erostek power boxes, with a wide selection of metal and conductive rubber electrodes, dedicated electroplay devices and Tesla (violet wand) machine

Enemas and Douching – various liquids available


First Aid – bandages, dressings, ointments and splints

Health Checks – eye tests, blood pressure testing and monitoring, checking temperature, chest and airway examinations, dental examinations

Ice Packs – internal and external

Needles – play piercings with single-use, sterile, surgical needles and/or hooks, or stitching with threaded sterile sutures

Piss Play – recycling using funnels, tubes, teats or enemas

Pressure – vacuum pumping, cupping and suction

Scrotal Inflation – a full sterile infusion kit including a 500ml bag of saline is provided, please enquire

Skin Stapling – metal sutures, temporary body modification. A full sterile stapling kit is provided, please enquire

Skin Treatments – shaving, plucking and waxing

Sounding – medical grade stainless steel sounds with or without electrostim or vibration.