Mistress Maggie and the art of Domination and Sadism
and the art of Domination and Sadism
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Pegs and clips for CBT

Cock and Ball torture board

Serious ball stretching

Rubber penis pump
I can crush your little cock inside my rubber penis pump.
Penis enlargement vacuum pump
It only takes moments for my penis enlargement pump to turn any limp dick into something big enough to torture.

CBT and Ballbusting

Stretching – I have specialised ball stretching equipment at my disposal for serious ball torture, bungee and pulleys included

Weights – used with ball bondage or parachutes. Weights vary from 75g to over 2.5kg in size

Pumping – penis vacuum pumps for penis enlargement treatment, feel your cock get sucked up, rubber compression pump

Pegs and clamps – too many to mention, varying degrees of torture

Humbler – forcing you into a humble ballbusting position

Ballbusting – ball busting action, enough to get me noticed using kicks, boxing gloves, spatulas, straps, whips and tongs

Stinging Nettles – a natural kind of torment, best applied liberally, expect a rash. Only available during the nettle season (Spring and Summer)

Stinging nettles CBTZipping – fast and furious peg removal with a string of pegs

Cock twirling – how fast can your cock spin, penis torture with a twist!

Scratching – long nails and nylon brushes that punish

Genital bondage – bondage for your cock and balls, tight string, rope, elastic and straps. I also have a cock and ball bondage board that keeps me amused with ‘pretty’ arrangements and also works well in conjunction with electro play

Sounds – surgical steel or single-use disposable sounds are available for urethral stimulation and dilation. All my insertables are subject to a thorough hygiene/cleaning process after use. You may bring along your own sounding devices if you prefer

Needles – sterile disposable needles for pricking or piercing your sensitive parts, spiky Wartenburg wheel

Ice – S & M that makes your cock shrivel up and freeze

Wax – dripping candle wax, every drip a hot surprise

Slave with vibrating nipple clampsNipple Torture

Clover clamps – chain linked nipple torture

Needles – sterile and disposable needles for pricking and piercing, spiky rollers

Pegs and clamps – too many to mention, varying degrees of pain

Vibrating clamps – awesome and unique nipple stimulation

Weights – used with nipple clamps, weights start at 75g

Suction – sucking vacuum nipple pumps

Biting – not with the intention of drawing blood

Nipple sticks – very cruel and sadistic nipple punishment.


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