Mistress Maggie and the art of Domination and Sadism
and the art of Domination and Sadism
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Mistress in rubber playsuit


The pussycat Mistress gets her cream . . .

And it’s rubber finger lickin’ good.

  Mistress in a rubber catsuit

Arousing Rubber

Arousing and rubbery, clingy clothes with all the usual rubber features.

I have lots of items that will appeal to the rubber fetishist. Tight garments including catsuits with the characteristic black liquid shine, alongside more draping styles with supple flowing lines. There are plenty of gloves, undies and the occasional hood to complete the look.

My rubber wardrobe is mostly black but other colours include reds and the natural transparent latex that is more appropriate to medical or clinic scenes.

All of my rubber garments have been treated to a chlorination process that was more commonly used in the 1980's, it's a process that makes the rubber ultra smooth on both sides – no need for talc or lubes, you can just slip them on.

These types of rubber clothes are rarities and a real bonus for true rubber lovers.

Other items are available to add to your rubber fetish experience while you are in my playroom. The rubber bed is exceptional, I truly believe that it may well be the loveliest rubber bed in the world and you are welcome to enjoy slipping about on it when you come along to get your fetish fix with your rubber Mistress.

I also have a large selection of latex hoods, you may wish to wear one during your visit.

In order for you to appreciate the natural smell of my rubber and latex I avoid using perfumes on days when I am conducting rubber themed sessions. +

  Rubber fetish Mistress

Preston rubber Mistress . . .

Mistress in a PVC catsuit  

Shiny Polished PVC

Tight and shiny high gloss garments in either small amounts or dramatic full cover styles, these PVC numbers stretch to match my body contours, colours are mostly but not totally limited to red and black, I can add gloves and undies for extra flavour for lovers of PVC fetish clothing. +

  Mistress in a PVC mini skirt . . .

Girl in a belted mackintosh . . .  

Raunchy Raincoats

Rousing raincoats in noisy fabrics, hard to find rubber lined mackintosh garments with the distinctive rustling sound in satin or cire finishes.

I like to wear my mac tightly belted, my restricted waistline creating a more swishy skirt. Soft, smooth and shiny PVC and fantastic plastic especially for those who love the crackle. Wonderful waterproof fabrics in generous proportions worn indoors for your erotic pleasure. +

Mistress wearing a bespoke hooded raincoat
in fantastic crackle plastic. +
  Plastic raincoat Mistress . . .

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