Mistress Maggie and the art of Domination and Sadism
and the art of Domination and Sadism
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Small leather outfitLeather Avengers catsuit Mistress . . .Are you awkwardly aroused in the company of women who wear special fabrics or a particular style? Do you have a thing for knee high boots, nylon stockings, a long leather coat, a plastic mac, a tight and shiny catsuit, a laced up corset or even a wrist glove? If you have a weakness for such things, when even the sight or the sound of a garment, its movement and highlights make you drool – you probably have a fetish.

Often a fetish is used as a simple way to spice things up, a growing number of people embrace their fetish and adopt a lifestyle where they make time to dress up and associate with people who share the same fetish, others have such a strong fetish fixation that they get sexual fulfilment from being intimate with the item that fascinates them.

As fetish fashion becomes mainstream there is one thing for sure, more opportunities will arise for a fetishist to be visually teased, but will you ever be rewarded with any close up interaction with the fetish clothes and the women who love to wear them.

Meet Mistress Maggie, lover and wearer of fetish clothes. Since I was a young woman I have been empowered by unique, strong and alternatively sexy styles. If you still have a kinky fixation with that 'bad girl' look, or are turned on watching a woman move around in tight and shiny clothes, or have harboured a dirty secret that involves a seamed nylon stocking disappearing behind a skirt hemline, look no further. These and the beautiful footwear, hosiery and accessories are just some of the classic favourites I have available to satisfy your fetish. +

Fetish Fix

My Fetish Fix is an affordable 30 minute session specifically aimed at the fetish addicted.

Let me indulge your fetish by presenting myself in the fashion that excites and fascinates you the most, I will be making use of all of your senses when you are commanded to demonstrate just how strong your fetish is.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and these pages have some beautiful fetish themes. Select the one you desire the most, then get up close and personal with my fetish clothes.

Alluring Leather

Leather and fishnet   Alluring leather . . .   Full leather fetish Mistress

Aromatic and alluring clothes in timeless leather, I wear them in layers to create the best leathery sounds and make them totally impenetrable. A must for those with a kink for mature leather ladies. Powerful full cover styles combining catsuits, long skirts and coats. Loads of fabulous black leather, gloves are added for that finishing touch. I am also enjoying a more classy feminine style teaming pencil skirts with satin feminine fabrics in a multitude of colours. +

If you really love leather, all of the leather outfits featured on this page are available for my 30 minute fetish fix sessions.

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