Rubber Gloves Fetish

Long latex glove Mistress   Rubber glove fetish

Household rubber gloves  

These latex opera gloves are so tight and it takes me ages to pull them on, I know there are some of you who would just like listening while I do that, I have a few other little rubber extras I can wear with them as well to amplify the noise as I wriggle into them.

Once I have my gloves on I am able to examine you. Men with a glove fetish behave in a particular way when I touch their skin, this is a painfree examination that determines how much I should indulge your fetish.

You've probably already used your dirty mind to imagine what your Mistress might do with rubber gloves on. Well, whatever it is I'm totally protected and won't be catching any germs!





Do you like my rubber shoulder length gloves - or is this household version the vision you were hoping for?