Mistress Maggie and the art of Domination and Sadism
and the art of Domination and Sadism
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Many slaves take great delight in being able to express feelings of devotion towards their Mistress through worship, I will make it clear what is allowed as worship often involves touching a woman in ways that wouldn’t be appropriate outside a domination scene.

Some men are natural worshippers, if I weren't already a Goddess I would soon feel like one as slaves enter my room and throw themselves at my feet, although their presentation may need a little refining on occasions I find this practice perfectly acceptable.

When you report for worship I will look like a Goddess in an outfit I have chosen, I will have listened to any personal suggestions you may have made on the type of costume I wear, giving you a good reason to be in a humble place below my knee demonstrating your visual admiration and respect, awaiting my permission to continue further with your worship.

I rarely remove clothes for body worship, it is still intense, incorporating verbal instruction, praise and reward. I will lift a skirt to show my thigh and allow you to move your tongue between my suspenders along my stocking tops and down my seams, I will move my panties aside allowing you to place kisses on my rounded bottom cheeks, my legs and thighs, slip off a shoe so you can gently kiss my toes or I will straddle your face and you can pay homage to the gorgeous ass hole of a beautiful woman.

  Slave worships my gorgeous ass

As well as worshipping my beautiful body you can also show similar adoring attention to my belongings, my clothes and my boots. My boots need loads of worship, especially those I kick you with, along with the crop I spank you with and the dildo I will fuck you with.

Worship the boots of your Preston Mistress Worship and respect your Mistress

PVC bottom worship   Strap on dildo worship . . .  

Fetishists and submissives who enjoy performing foot worship should be prepared for variety. My feet may be bare, presented in high heels or on display through hosiery whilst receiving your highest attention.

Worship is not used as an act to get me aroused, anyone wanting to perform full on cunnilingus and calling it pussy worship should be aware that I don’t allow it, neither do I conduct my sessions in the nude. +

If you are unable to come along and worship me in person you can worship one of my used items instead, a suitably used item that is destined for the laundry will be put into a packet and promptly posted to you, send me a polite letter by email to find out more.

Mistress with assorted chastity cagesChastity

Chastity is an excitingly attractive idea for many submissives. Being sealed away inside a chastity cage creates a unique and frustrating style of bondage for your cock, but a frustration you are allowed to learn and enjoy with me, your seductive chastity Mistress. It’s a good feeling knowing that you are keeping your cock safe for me, until I have picked some delightful reason for using my key to release it.

Coming along for a domination session is all about handing over your freedom. Locking your cock up is an effective way of making it mine to control, even if it’s just for a few hours. Understanding that it’s impossible to touch your own cock, or stand the chance of releasing your sexual cravings, only help to intensify your feelings of submission. A cock cage is a tight space to start with, but with the right kind of stimulation to get your cock excited it will soon be pressing hard against those bars.

I have a number of devices available in different weights, materials and dimensions, some are more adjustable than others, and all are equipped with padlocks. An electro stimulation cage is also available.

My devices are all ‘off the shelf’ chastity cages, which means a reliably perfect fit cannot be guaranteed: left to its own ‘devices’, gravity or subsidence may get the better of your cage and it could drop off with little help. But chastity cages are great for short periods and I use them with the intention of allowing some chastity fun into your session time. Curious slaves who have only been able to fantasise about wearing a device are welcome to try one, and have it locked on with my assistance.

It goes without saying that your chastity Mistress takes full control of the keys to all her devices, and there is no absolute certainty that I will unlock you before you leave.

Devices are best secured with a tight fit. In order to achieve this you may experience some temporary pinching and discomfort during fitting. Slaves with metal allergies should let me know in advance so that a safe device can be selected for your play.

A device for chastity play . . .   Domination from toe to tip

The Curve chastity device has good adjustability and
is made from clear polycarbonate. +

The inclusion of the Curve on this page should not be viewed
as a product endorsement.

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