Mistress Maggie and the art of Domination and Sadism
and the art of Domination and Sadism
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Mistress keeps slave in his place
Dominant Mistress and submissive slave . . .
Don’t like pain? Then click my whip. +

Domination is all about being in command. I cannot be dominant on my own so I demand that submissive men come along and help complete the twosome required for the D/S play that pleases me so much.

Annoying me totally defeats the object of the exercise and you can begin pleasing me straight away by being clear, helpful, honest and polite when you contact me.

When you report for a domination session you should be prepared to surrender control to my higher authority. This kind of power exchange is a wonderful concept for men requiring release from stressful jobs, while others enjoy submission because they are naturally submissive. I like to be addressed as Mistress, I will address you as slave in the hope that it will remind you of your new position.

Ha! You'll soon learn what you deserve for peering at my knickers – when you're not even supposed to be looking. +

My most wonderful example of a slave possesses three qualities – obedience, a willingness to serve and an aptitude for worship. Your introduction to domination will begin with a guide to correct etiquette and address, then under my careful direction you will take part in a training regime where you can gradually learn how to please me in many ways.

Most men attending for a first visit have a fantasy that they need to explore. Mostly the fantasy will have been discussed by phone or email prior to your visit, nevertheless it is a good idea to have a good understanding of what your fantasies are before the session is conducted. Your domination fantasy may revolve around a particular object or body part, style of delivery, costume, image or character, it may include the use of a particular word, phrase or address. The word 'forced' does not accurately describe my domination style, two people participating in an activity that they have consented to can hardly be described as forced. 'Humiliation' is not a favourite of mine either. It has long been evident to me that what one man finds humiliating will be the next man's absolute pleasure. What do YOU find humiliating? Only you know what your fantasy is but hopefully not for long, there will be plenty of time to share your thoughts before engaging in a scene.

Initially slaves are welcome to suggest the type of domination they require, hopefully after a few sessions you will become more confident and trusting of me being in charge of our Mistress and slave relationship, at this time you may be willing to push your boundaries and try new things, allowing me more of a free reign on the elements of a session resulting in more opportunity for surprise and humiliation.

Domination can and is used in all kinds of play. I will discuss some of your options here, if you have a masochistic streak my S&M section may also be appropriate reading for you.

Mistress with her watersports toiletMistress in her latex watersports pantsWatersports

It has been suggested that the minimum equipment needed for watersports with me is a submarine!

Feel the warmth of Mistress' wonderful golden shower on your skin.

I will piss on any part of your submissive body and have you feed on my golden nectar.

Your watersports domination may include you accompanying me to the bathroom as a voyeur or attendant, being used as a toilet, hygiene duties, consumption of body fluids, use of my toilet box or feeding funnel.

Watersports cannot be guaranteed, new customers should express their interest when they make an appointment. My nectar is more readily available for slaves that I know to be reliable and worthy of participating in the practices of a toilet Mistress. By its nature toilet training is more feasible during longer sessions and dedicated training programs.

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