Mistress Maggie and the art of Domination and Sadism
and the art of Domination and Sadism


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Some reviews and words of appreciation

Session Theme – Beaten hard in black PVC

Hi M,

Thank you for another great session yesterday, pleasant surprise to see you in the PVC Mistress outfit, always admired that one and although not quite on the same level as the 70s style outfits, it was certainly a excellent and very intimidating surprise.

The CP administered was, as usual, terrific and the inclusion of your homemade black leather tawselike four tailed whip was an unexpected but welcome addition, it really had a great impact when used in a measured way and complimented the lochgelly tawse perfectly, your wide tan thick leather belt (now a firm favourite) also provided a cracking finale to end the session on a high.

So thanks again and I look forward visiting again soon.


Session Theme – Oxygen deprivation and electro torture

Dear Mistress,

Thank you for putting in so much thought and effort into the Session today.. wow.....it certainly pushed me to (and through) my limits!
It was far more than I imagined it would be....and am desperate to repeat it ASAP.

The whole ‘amazingly painful’ experience matched my fantasies so closely. I still need more ‘help’ with my breathing on reduced oxygen... and to trust you more...and panic less!
Will re-live today over and over!
Your Slave

Session Theme – A virgin to anal play

Hi Maggie,

From the moment that a delicate red leather gloved hand appeared around the door, to beckon me into her lair, I knew that this Dominatrix would put this novice at ease. Mature petite Maggie is warm, very matter of fact in discussing requirements - smiling and teasing throughout, but has a sharp tongue and a taste of the lash if you step out of line - all of which is part of the fun! And we surprised each other by how much I was able to accommodate as a beginner! Sure to return for more training!


Session Theme – Leg worship in rope binds

Dear Mistress Maggie,

Just to let you know Maggie I really enjoyed my visit, got to touch your beautiful legs, your hog tie on me was a work of art, that was unescapable, thanks for looking after me.

Andy x

Session Theme – A kidnap with gagging and gaffer

Hi Mistress Maggie

Damn, I just gotta say it. You were amazing and beautiful just as I expected. Deep brown beautiful eyes... and I saw em up close.

A good business woman too... I loved the way you took that call while I was getting dressed. So professional. 

I really enjoyed our time together and hope to visit you again sometime soon. I can still taste your panties in my mouth Mistress...

Until next time.


Session Theme – An afternoon of latex worship and bodybag bondage

Dear Mistress Maggie,

Just writing to say thank you for the wonderful latex session on Friday.
Also thank you for posting the photo on Twitter, bound up under your boot - I'm certainly in my rightful place!

I hope you will consider me for another session sometime later in the year.

Kind regards,


Session Theme – Leather suspension with electrics and a waxplay finale

Hi Maggie,

Thanks for the pics. Always wondered what I looked like as a package. Pretty tight I think. Definitely inescapable and neatly wrapped.

The afternoon was most enjoyable. Just need a nailbrush to get rid of the wax bits.


Session Theme – Lochgelly tawse leaves a lasting impression

Hi M,

Brilliant session yesterday, the combination of suede and leather made the perfect outfit and was so reminiscent of the 70s. Highlight of the session (apart from the tawsing) was the sensual, and not so sensual flogging and belting, with you having your new three tailed tawse hanging from your belt, it created so much anticipation and some apprehension of how the session would end.

As for the tawsing itself, your lochgelly style tawse certainly left a lasting impression, wielded accurately and in a measured way so that the gaps between each stroke ensured it was absorbed to the full. After two weeks in the sun, the only part of me that wasn’t tanned was my backside, well you certainly took care of that, leaving my buttocks striped and still throbbing on the journey home, I look forward to it being used liberally in all future sessions.

Incidentally, realised today that it is 7 years since our first session (Sept 2011) and whilst most things in life can become mundane, your sessions just get better and better so keep up the good work.

Look forward to seeing you again soon.


Session Theme – Serving in toilet confinement

Hi Mistress Maggie

Just got home safe n sound thought I’d let you know. Thank you so much for today I loved it, but you’re right maybe 4 hrs toilet confinement is s bit long. Thanks for the tour too very interesting.

Would love to visit in the future for more toilet bondage and maybe you would allow me to worship your boots too!! ;)

Thank you again you are a great Mistress. 
Chris x

Session Theme – Whipped by a secret agent

Hi M,

Just a note to say thanks for another great session yesterday, appearing as 'the secret agent' was certainly a surprise, you certainly kept that one quiet!

Dressed head to toe in your figure hugging black leather catsuit was a very menacing sight, especially adorned with my favourite tan leather accessories.

Very inventive session culminating in the triple belt thrashing, providing agony and ecstasy in equal measure, although 42 strokes was a bit harsh!

Look forward to seeing you again soon.


Session Theme – Bondage, bagging and roughed up by boots

Dear Mistress Maggie

Thank you for a great session. Everything was great except for my claustrophobia. My fault entirely, but perversely I still enjoy hoods and gas masks and the breathplay I found surprisingly exciting, perhaps because I could see you and knew you would release at the right time.
You looked very good too and I hope you got some good pictures of me licking your boots. Talking of which I enjoyed being roughed up a bit by your boots at the end.
Still up for more bondage and hooding and flogging as long as I don’t get panicky about breathing. I will get better. And I hope you enjoyed the session as much as I did.


Session Theme – A nervous White Room visitor

After finally plucking up the courage to arrange a meeting with Mistress Maggie I did so. My only regret was not having done so sooner so I would highly recommend anyone who was as nervous as I to visit her. She put me at ease from the start and I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to the 'White Room' the first of many I trust. What happened fulfilled my wishes and more, as Mistress Maggie is a true lady as well as a dominatrix.


Session Theme – Your feet, bottom and piss are divine

Dear Mistress Maggie,
i hope You are well. Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed our time together, I hope You too liked the session. As mentioned I shall be working in your area in May. That seems like a long time to wait!
In terms of play I recognise that an initial session is always a case of getting to know each other, but we got off to such a good start, so much to build on! I am certainly happy to push on a bit further with a longer session time, with more restrictive bondage and severe torture scenarios. I would also like to mention how much I enjoyed the penetration of my body, inflation play and Your feet, bottom and piss are divine. All in all a terrific session, You are amazing. 
Now that You have met me how would You feel about another session?
kindest love,

Session Theme – Some lovely fetish firsts

Dear Mistress Maggie,

Thank you so much for the photos. So that is what you put on me! They will be a treasured memento of a wonderful session.

Thank you also for some lovely firsts. Being truly helpless before you and having to suffer your CBT was amazing. The anticipation of the pegs being pulled was excruciating. My cock and balls have healed now but the soreness lasted days and every movement was a wonderful painful reminder.

The rubber sensory deprivation was great but I feel I let you down by not being able to take it for long. The combination of gag and collar left me unable to swallow properly and it was with great regret I had to signal for you to remove it. Maybe next time I could take just one of them?

The suffocation bag accentuated my vulnerable state beautifully. The final kiss over the bag was so frustrating.

The best was kept until last. Being allowed to be your toilet slave was the most wonderful experience. Again, the anticipation of waiting for the first mouthful of nectar was exquisite. It tasted wonderful as I gulped it down. Being allowed to press my nose against your ass felt like a real privilege.

My thoughts are now with when I will be able to visit again.

Your adoring toilet slave,

Session Theme – An anal invasion and cling film surprise

Mistress Maggie,

Thank you. I love being fucked by you in that orientation and the adjustable chair gives exactly the right angle of penetration for your dildo. Your cock went in surprisingly easily and very deeply and I loved every thrust, pause and with the occasional stroke from your hand I was so very close to embarrassing myself so early in the session. That continued when my cock and balls were lassoed; I can't wait to see those photos if you are kind enough to send them.

Which is more than can be said when I was nicely wrapped up in film. You had done your hand positioning very precisely indeed because I would have loved to have tried to touch myself when you were moving so provocatively to the eerie music and just generally being you, the most wonderfully sexy and sensuous person a slave could ever wish to meet. So very frustrating.

I feel well mounted and incredibly happy this morning. I knew when I was jauntily sauntering from the car park that yesterday’s session was going to be another stunning part of my history. It was and possibly the most momentous time with my Mistress.

I will see and serve you again soon and I am wishing that time away already. In the meantime I hope you stay well and busy and know you have one very devoted slave for as long as you can suffer me.

Your loving slave


Session Theme – Balls trampled, electrified, and slave castrated by nurse

Hello Mistress Maggie

Just to say thanks again for everything. Really enjoyed meeting you and of course enjoyed the session itself. Thanks also for introducing me to a couple of new activities. You had clearly spent a lot of time putting the session together so this is very much appreciated.

Next time I am in the Lancashire area I will be knocking on your door again if that's ok. I will make an appointment first of course..!

Thanks again.

Best wishes


Session Theme – Returning slave needs reminding how to serve and worship

Hi Mistress Maggie,

Thank you for allowing to return after a 12 months lapse.

You certainly made me feel welcome. Yes I was a bit rusty and had forgotten my manners. You soon put me in my place by a good over your knee spanking followed by 3 strokes of the cane which I thoroughly deserved.

You then sorted my arse with a good fingering followed by your vibrating dildo, then you put on your strap on to give me a good fucking. Oh what delight.

I had forgotten how to worship your gorgeous stockings and beautiful bum . . . you soon reminded me by a good face smothering as you made me worship your bum. Thank you.

Then you strapped up my balls and proceeded to stretch them by tying them to the bed end and pulling on the rope. The pain was unbearable as you played with my cock. A new experience for me. The sheer joy of seeing the pleasure on you face as you delivered your torture made the pain worthwhile. Thank you Mistress.

Thank you for a wonderful session. My arse bears the marks and my balls still ache. A happy reminder of your kindness.

Your humble slave

Hurley  xx

Session Theme – Mistress in tan leather and leather belts delivers more CP

Hi M,

Just wanted to say thank you for another great session last week, the way you mixed things up a bit whilst still keeping to the underlying theme was really good, enjoyed the leather worship even though boots/shoes are not really my thing. As usual, you excelled with your tan leather outfit, especially the way you used your wide leather belts, using your designated cp belt as a temporary gag, then using it to secure me further to the bench after thrashing me with it was mind blowing. Even more so when you reappeared buckling up my favourite tan coloured belt around your already heavily belted waist, completely blew me away. The anticipation it creates is fantastic, knowing that it won't be long before you decide that your ready to take your belt off to me, for some more leather discipline across my already glowing and throbbing buttocks, absolutely awesome when the wait is accompanied by a sensual flogging with your suede whips.

So all in all, another most enjoyable visit to 'Mistress Maggie’s Tannery' where, as always, I made my way home afterwards with an expertly tanned hide!

Hope to see you again soon


Session Theme – Patient cleaned out ready for his rubber medical experience

Hi Mistress Maggie,

Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed our session last Friday in the white room. You looked magnificent in your rubber uniform a vision that is constantly in my thoughts ever since.

So many firsts for me:

- the sounds were so delightfully intense.
- breathing through your nectar was an unexpected revelation, very erotic.
- your strap-on was a pleasure especially as I am not used to being fucked from that angle.
- the enema was surprisingly time-consuming, I'm probably scared to try it again.

I am working hard to organise another visit up north as soon as possible.

Thank you so much,


Session Theme – CBT with rope and electroplay with a golden shower finale

Mistress Maggie,

Good morning and thanks for a wonderful session yesterday, it was truly amazing and I look forward to booking again in the new year. Your watersports were great so I’m looking forward to using your new toilet box. All the best for Christmas and the new year.

submissive Paul xx

Session Theme – Tickled, and not just with my golden showers

Dear Maggie

Just a quick email to say how much I enjoyed our session together. You were spot on with your approach!

The final activity blew me away and you carried it out in style. You certainly understood me perfectly and I was so pleased you were able to do this for me.

The only drawback was my inability to remember your rules. I think for any future sessions this activity needs to be omitted. I have difficulty remembering anything well these days!



Session Theme – Abductee in scarf bondage persuaded to reveal secret code

Hello Mistress

Just to say thank you again for our session on Friday.  I thoroughly enjoyed it & it was what I was looking for.  When I am in your area again I will contact you & thank you for the photo!!

Many Thanks


Session Theme – Worship, ball weights and strapon basics for a keen novice

Hi Mistress,

just wanted to say thanx for a good first session with you on Friday. It was both fantastic and addictive. You were very patient with me and that was much appreciated. As we discussed i would like to grow under your guidance and demands and look forward to our next session. I luved getting marked by you and welcome much more.  

Thanx Darren

Session Theme – CBT while restrained in an inflatable suit

Dearest Mistress,

Thank you for allowing me to visit you today. Yet again another fantastic session. You looked incredible today.

Thank you for the photos - can't wait to see myself on your site.

What a feeling to be restrained in an inflatable suit and a what wonderful vintage you provided.

You certainly did a lot of damage to my cock - it's still bloody sore!!!

Thank you once again Mistress.

Till the next time.

Slave peebody.

Session Theme – Buttocks decorated with welts and weals

Hi Maggie,

Great to see you again today and thanks, yet again, for another brilliant session. Your outfit was fantastic with the contrasting suede and leather, and saying you were in a 'thrashing mood' today was a complete understatement, because Wow! what a leathering you gave my backside after the short warm up spanking. The thick leather paddles came down relentlessly and I must admit that I was slightly amused when you said you were going to take your belt off to me, should have known better, the extra wide suede belt you were wearing looked harmless enough until the reverse leather side of it came crashing down across my buttocks, what a crack and what a surprise! Needless to say you ensured I received a taste of both sides of your belt, with even the suede side leaving its mark! I was quite relieved to see it back where it should be, buckled around your waist, and the flogging that followed was sensual by comparison, should have known better than to get too comfortable though, because it wasn’t long before you produced your tried and trusted wide tan leather belt, with the following 25 strokes leaving my already aching buttocks throbbing and decorated with welts and weals.

So, another fabulous session, full of surprises, and I look forward to seeing you again soon.

Best Regards

Believe it or not, it's 6 years since my first session in September 2011 so time does fly when you're having fun!

Session Theme – New slave trained with ball weights and toilet box etiquette

Hi Mistress Maggie,

Thank you for a good session today. Can I just say you looked so fabulous. Enjoyed trying new things and look forward to experimenting with what you see fit. Your new canes seem to pack a good punch. Curious about when you mentioned pee pants? After today i will be taking a huge dildo sooner rather than later mmmmm.

Regards slave awaiting curiously for a name


Session Theme – Leather fetishist feels my whip lashes and strap on

Just to say that today was fantastic. Everything was perfect, you seemed to know just how much of anything i could take & your use of the strap on was incredible.
Thank you once again

Session Theme – Mind boggling discipline with heavy belts

Hi Maggie,

Terrific session yesterday, great work with your wide belts from both a fetish and CP aspect, you being double belted at one stage was visually superb and the improvised head bondage whilst being pressed firmly against your waist was mind boggling! The references to the clinking of your belt buckles sounding like the metal gates was very clever, don't know if you'd put a lot of of thought into it or if it was spontaneous, but either way it was inspirational.

Looking forward to a repeat performance soon


Session Theme – Fishnet bottom worship and medical anal workout

Hi Mistress Maggie,

Thank you so much, think it was the best session ever.
Stu x

Session Theme – Interrogated, flogged, then controlled in sleep sack bondage

Hi Mistress Maggie

A quick note to say thank you thank you so much for the session on Friday.

You did exactly what I had requested which turned out to be a bit more than I could cope with at times but that was my fault for being too over confident in my limits.

When I come and session with you again I will be a bit more careful about what I ask for!

I really would like to continue the same theme of total enclosure and bondage along with breath play but you would have to take me along in stages with that. I am sure you would have a feeling for how far to take me at a time.

David (with a hug)

Session Theme – Heavy ball weights and ball sac infusion

Dear Mistress Maggie
This is just a quick email to thank you for yesterdays session.
Words can't describe what a AWESOME time I had & your kindness at the end allowing extra time for the infusion to finish was wonderful. Also to allow me into your home for a cup of tea shows what a truly good person you are.
Once again thank you & I will be in touch soon to arrange my next appointment.
Kindest regards Keith x

Session Theme – Tied and teased by a pink latex vixen

Hi Mistress

Many thanks for the session today it was spot on. Before today I've never had much of a liking for pink but you have converted me and you looked amazing. I'm already looking forward to our next session.

Best Regards

Session Theme – A stupid yet devoted slave earns himself a collar

Morning Mistress Maggie,

Thank you allowing me to visit you yesterday. As usual you looked absolutely stunning in your latex.

When I rang to confirm my attendance and you asked what size saline I wanted, then i knew some of what you had planned for my session. On the bus to see you I was so exited and apprehensive that I was unable to concentrate on my book!

To be ordered to worship your bumhole was a true privilege for this stupid slave. Sorry I have such small balls and not much room to insert your catheter needles, but you were not to be defeated. My cock and balls are still somewhat larger than normal this morning.

At the end of the session when you informed me that in the next session I would become one of your collared slaves you cannot believe how privileged I felt.

Once again thank for allowing me to continue being one of your slaves,

slave peebody

Session Theme – Tight hogtie positions

Hi Maggie,

Just like to say thanks, I really enjoyed myself, even if it may look like I didn’t.

I was really pleased your hogtie was so good, and tight. After leaving and thinking it was really good, perhaps next time a little cbt or electric at the same time please. Glutton for punishment eh.

The gags I liked, always really tight, the last with silk on top was hard to describe as you ran your fingers over my face.

Again, many thanks.


Session Theme – New slave controlled with a humbling start

Dear Mistress Maggie,
I must apologise for not dropping you an email after the session. Events overtook me and I thought it was a bit late to send anything.
The session was fantastic. Starting with watersports with the system hood, such a humbling way to start ensuring that I understood who was in control and who was going to run the session. Then being taken into the medical room. The electrics were exquisite, just the right pain. The sounds stretched the imagination (and other parts) to the point of agreeing to nearly anything.
Thank you for that session and I hope that there may be more sessions during this year.
Kindest regards,

Session Theme – Big inflated balls

Hello Maggie.

You looked very nice tonight, the session was very very good fantastic. My balls are still big and my wife loves them, we will do that again very soon, drinking watersports and the big balls.

Thanks from stephen

Session Theme – A painful lesson from the Avengers girl

Thanks for another great session yesterday, on the journey over I was trying to second guess what outfit you'd be wearing and settled on the Autumnal look with suede skirt and suede tassel belt as you'd recently mentioned coming across it in your belt box.

So what a pleasant surprise to be greeted by the Return of the Cat Suited Avenger Girl dressed head to toe in stunning black leather, you looked awesome and being strapped to the bench with you in front, my face pressed firmly into your belt buckle whilst you sensually (and not so sensually) flogged me was a memorable moment, it gave a whole new meaning to 'a taste of the belt' although I might have known it wouldn’t be long before I would taste it in a different way and and the stripes left on my buttocks were proof of that. It was a bit mean of you to say I would receive 20 strokes and then add that it would be per belt but who am I to argue.

Hope you weren’t offended by my not partaking in your gift of a mince pie, but after a Starter of Spanking, Slippering and Paddling, followed by a Main Course of Flogging and Triple Belt Leathering, I felt you'd already given me my 'Just Desserts' and I couldn’t take any more.

So thanks again, see you soon and I wish you continued success in 2017.


Session Theme – Brought to tears by a stunning sadistic torturess

Dear Mistress Maggie,

Thank you for such a wonderful torture session yesterday, you were fantastic. I would love to take even more pain for you. My nipples are still hurting!

It might be a while before I can come and see you again. I will have to save up but I certainly would like to at some point.

Once again, you looked stunning. You should put more pictures of yourself in that outfit on your website. :)

Thank you once again


Session Theme – The most severe restraint

Dearest Mistress Maggie,

Thank you for allowing me to visit you yesterday. You looked magnificent with your thigh boots and the piss pant tube tucked into your pants. At that point I knew one of the things that would be occurring.

As for my misunderstanding – You certainly made me pay for it! It was only when I received the spanking photos that I realised how much punishment you had applied to my backside. I truly learned the consequences of rules 7 and 8.

The cling film and gaffer bondage was certainly the most severe restraint that you have placed me in. Fantastic!!

I am honoured to be allowed to continue to worship you as your slave.

Thank you once again – you continue to take me to new highs.

Your humble slave,


Session Theme – Shocked by electro play and spanked as deserved

Hi Mistress Maggie

Just a note to first of all apologise and secondly to thank you for another delightful but shocking session on Thursday.
I deserved my punishment. I must train myself to control my urges as you play with me. A difficult task as you seem to take great delight in exciting me and I love so much the way you play!!!  I trust you enjoy my visits as much as I do.

My obedience and worshiping training was developed as I knelt before you and made to admire and clean your red high heel shoes. Much licking and caressing of your shoes followed.

My training took on new experiences as I stripped naked. You bound my arms and body to your low bondage bed spread my legs and attached them to your spreader bar, then sat on my face as you tied up my cock. Thank you for allowing me to lick your gorgeous bum and kiss your arse. I trust I did a good job and you will invite me to do it again.

You expertly raised my spread legs giving you a good view as you lubed and fingered me as you explored my arse. Two fingers deep inside before you were satisfied I could take a bigger butt plug. A lovely feeling as you sexily looked down at me.

You explained that you were about to introduce me to electro play as you busied yourself happily assembling your apparatus and fixing electrodes up my bum and around my throbbing cock. Fear crept in as you slowly increased the voltage. WOW what a wonderful sensation as my arse and cock tingled. You seemed to be happy with my reaction as I lost control, my cum flowed from my excited cock.
When you had played with me long enough to satisfy your sadistic pleasures the electrodes were removed my legs lowered and I was released. You put me over your knee to receive my punishment for cumming without permission. A whipping and spanking with hair brush followed .. you smiled and caressed my bum as I yelped in pain... my throbbing cock so close to you as you spanked me good and hard ... sorry I was a wimp as I squirmed and wriggled with the pain. Thank you Mistress.

You are truly a Mistress who knows how to train and treat her slaves. I left feeling well and truly satiated with a smarting bum and an aching cock. I still get a thrill as I think about our session.

Many thanks for a truly wonderful session that pushed me to new limits as you shocked me and delivered the punishment I deserved. I am already planning and looking forward to our next session!!  Is it normal for new slaves to want to please and obey their mistress so much?

Your humble and obedient slave

Hurley xx

Session Theme – Intensive tuition and face smothering for a new slave

Hi Mistress Maggie,

Thank you for a super session today. I arrived feeling nervous, anxious, a little uneasy. Although I had read your web pages a million times I was still unsure what to expect.

Your style and beauty immediately put my mind at rest. You made me feel comfortable and at ease, I cant believe how much tuition you packed into the hour. How to address you then the collar training, the douch ...mmmm. The anal training and the strapon ...mmmm. Just glad it wasn’t your big black one. The thrashing I deserved, my cock and balls deserved the flicks of your thong, learning how to worship you. I can still feel my face between your thighs, lying on your bed and learning how to take a face smothering ... nice arse ...mmmm...

I loved every part of my first slave training, thank you. Sorry I wet your mat but what is a guy supposed to do as you ram his arse for the first time.

I do hope that mistress is willing to continue my training and I look forward to many future sessions.

Thank you, your humble servant Hurley

Session Theme – Slave thrashed with a single whip for poor cleaning

Dearest Mistress Maggie,

Thank you for allowing me to visit you once again yesterday. What an incredible session. You certainly were at your most sadistic, cruel and mischievous best.

The whipping was very much deserved and definitely the most painful one that you have inflicted on me. The welts are still very vivid and sore - sitting down was very painful going home. My cock only stopped throbbing this morning. I loved your pumping dildo and the a novel way you used it to administer your golden champagne.

Once again thank you being a magnificent and caring Mistress in whom I have complete trust.

Humble slave Dave.

Session Theme – A three hour rubber extravaganza

Good afternoon Mistress

I need to thank you for the wonderful time you allowed me to have on Wednesday afternoon. What you facilitated was mind blowing and I think I’ve had an out of body experience. I am sure you won’t remember it but I can relive those three hours second by second, in real time. I was especially grateful you allowed me a few moments to climax towards the end of my session. That did make it complete for me. I hope you will allow me to visit you again in the near future. I’ve started saving already.

With the very greatest respect


Session Theme – Ass stretched for strap-on by seductive nurse

Dear Mistress Maggie,

Just a note to say thank you for the session on Tuesday. My apologies for being late and even more apologies for my penis's poor performance.

I am afraid it has a mind of its own, treacherous little thing, I have an erection now thinking about you. What a great outfit and what a fantastic body especially when its pressed against mine while you fucked me. Obviously there are a lot more positions to explore and you still have an arsenal of weapons of ass destruction to use on me.

I hope that now you have seen my physical limitations you might still be open to future sessions where we can both have some fun exploring more of your skills in BDSM.

Thank you once again for a fantastic time.

Yours sincerely, your grovelling patient Alan

Session Theme – Interrogation with torture

Morning Magnificent Mistress Maggie.

Thank you for once again allowing me to visit you last Friday. What an incredible scenario. You were at your most cruel and sadistic best. I know I asked you to stretch my limits, you certainly did that. My nipples and cock still hurt!!! I hope you enjoyed the session as much as I did.

Thank you for the photos - now I know the term 'blue balls' does actually exist.

Once again. thank you for being such a caring, imaginative and evil Mistress. Can't wait until the next session, what ever Mistress dreams up as you have free reign as to the content. Hopefully you will continue to stretch the slave's limits as nothing is out of bounds.

Your humble slave Dave.

Session Theme – Guinea pig’s big saline infusion

Mistress Maggie,

Thank you for today and the experience of 700ml inside my balls is incredible. My cock and balls are currently a homogeneous blob as the saline spreads and expands. It is amazing to stand and feel the added weight between my legs and cup a really good handful of your balls. I hope they gave you some added sensation when you were using your dildo. Which by the way was MOST enjoyable and thanks for that as well. Its strange how cool the balls are to the touch yet do not feel cool in themselves. I love that feeling.

Thank you Mistress. You are the best and only Mistress I shall ever want and need.

Devoted Jo

Session Theme – A severe celebration with multi golden champagne showers

Dearest Mistress Maggie,

Thank you for allowing me to visit you yesterday, also thank you for the photos.

It was truly one of the best sessions I have ever had with you. You looked stunning in your leather corset. It was also one of the most severe - I always said you were a sadistic mistress!!! I couldn't believe how much punishment you applied to my backside. I had expected 60 spanks - I lost count at 300!! Then you started to use the tawse. I was in absolute agony, I now have the bruises to show for them.

Loved the cling film wrap and your beautiful champagne, what a magnificent vintage. When the needles started I realised that I had forgotten how really painful they were. But at least my nipples managed to take them.

Then to have a final golden shower in the toilet box finished off a truly magnificent session. You really hurt me at times but that was what I deserved. Once again thank you for the session - what a way to spend my 60th birthday.

Hope you enjoyed the session as much as I did.

Can't wait to see you again.

Your humble slave Dave.

Session Theme – Strapped on the punishment bench

Hi Mistress,

Just wanted to say thank you for another terrific session on Wednesday, great choice of outfit with the chocolate coloured leather skirt teamed up with the back satin blouse, curves perfectly enhanced with your extra wide brown leather belt, don't know if this is a recent addition to your wardrobe but it certainly creates that 1970s School Mistress look and evokes many sweet memories.

Strapped to your punishment bench, spreader bar between my legs ensured my buttocks were spread tight and wide, ready to receive another mandatory and generous thrashing with your broad leather punishment belt, the crack of leather on my naked skin echoed around the room, although I think your counting went awry meaning I escaped without the additional four strokes! All this after being spanked with leather paddles and the Double Belted Disciplinarian making a welcome return to administer a sensual and, at times, not so sensual flogging with a selections of Suede Whips.

All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable hour of Lashing and Leathering so I look forward to seeing you again soon.

Best Regards


Session Theme – Heavier CP for a slave in training

Hi Mistress Maggie,

Thanks for another amazing session today. You really turned my fantasy into reality, and I’d like to say thanks for incorporating everything I requested. It was easily the most intense spanking/whipping you have ever given me, and I loved the sensation of you fucking my arse with my legs pulled up attached to the spreader bar. It was such a thrill to experience the mixed feelings of humility and subjugation combined with the ultimate in eroticism, I am only sorry that I wimped out on the larger dildo. As always the fact that you allowed me to taste your delicious bum was the icing on the cake! Once again, many thanks, and I can’t wait for my next visit.

Love, Stu

Session Theme – An afternoon caged up in leather bondage

Hi Mistress,

Thank you for a great session last Thursday, first binding me up hooded, making me wear the high heel ballet boots and straight jacket and caging me. I hope next time to take even more.

Thank you


Session Theme – An incredible flogging

Dear MM,

Just wanted to say a big thank you for an amazing session, your new hairstyle looks great and your tan leather outfit combined with the satin blouse and scarf is terrific, but of course the highlight was the new flogger you have added to your collection. It's incredible, so sensual when drawn across naked skin but with close on a hundred tails it delivers an amazing thudding impact whilst barely leaving a mark, I'm not an expert but I think only lamb skin can achieve this.

It was so good you could have flogged me all day, and probably would have done had it not been for my mandatory thrashing with your, now designated, wide brown leather punishment belt, each stroke accurately administered with sufficient pauses in between for recovery time, but it also to added to the anticipation with the deliberate clinking sound of your belt buckle as you got ready for the next stroke.

The new flogger is also ideal for using with you standing in front of me whilst I was secured to your punishment horse at your waist level, a preferred position for me and a fabulous sight to behold.

So thanks again for a flogging and leathering to remember and I look forward to seeing you again soon for more of the same!

Best Regards


Session Theme – Serious ball and limit stretching with sadistic nurse

Mistress Maggie,

Thank you on so many levels; more new experiences, more enjoyment, pushing my limits, introducing me to my third ball, an excellent set of pictures, a very welcome drink and shower, , but most of all thank you for being you and the best Mistress a slave could ever serve.

As to your bollocks, they are swinging nicely and had recovered as soon as they were de-chopsticked and as to being cruel... not at all. Its your property to do as you see fit.

Your very devoted and satisfied slave,


Session Theme – Mummification confinement with catheter control

Mistress Maggie, Preston

I have been trying to arrange a visit for many months, finally we both had time that we could meet and I am so glad I did. From the opening of the door I was met by Mistress Maggie and the session was 100% what I asked for. Mummification and catheterised for all the 6 hours without needing go to the loo, and breath control.
I will be looking forward to revisiting Mistress Maggie very very soon.
Mistress dressed as I wished and the premises were clean and fully equipped.

Thank you Mistress Maggie xxxx

Session Theme – Cruel humiliation for a wimpish slave

Dearest Mistress,

Thank you for yet again a wonderful session. I don't know how you do it but you look younger and more beautiful each session I have with you. Your warped sense of fun and the way you enjoy inflicting torment on your willing - or not so, slaves will never cease to amaze me.

Never did I imagine that you would feed me your piss. – if I'm ill tomorrow it's your fault!!!

Thank you for allowing me to worship your bumhole, to me that is one of the most humiliating things that I have done, but also one of most rewarding things to be allowed.

Sorry I couldn't take the CP today. Am I becoming a wimp or is Mistress just too cruel!

Once again an amazing session hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Thank you Amazing Mistress Maggie.


Humble slave

Session Theme – Welts from my leather belts

Hi Mistress,

Just wanted to say thank you for a terrific session yesterday, you looked stunning as 'The Avenger Girl', fabulous makeup and hairstyle, not to mention the Black Leather Catsuit and Accessories, oops too late, already mentioned it!

The warm up otk was spot on, painful but necessary, the variety of Floggers you used ranging from sensual suede to firmer leather were at or just over my limits, which prepared me well for the final punishment strapped to your vaulting horse, where having removed your Wide Black Leather Belt, it came whistling through the air again and again, before cracking down and biting into my naked buttocks.

I sighed with relief when your Leather Belt was back where it belonged, buckled tightly around your slender waist, only to be told you had a final surprise and produced your extra Wide Brown Leather Belt, and administered a final flourish across my throbbing backside, a cruel and unexpected finale!

Enjoyed every minute of it, the throbbing subsided leaving a warm glow and I'm sure the 'welts from your belts' will fade in due course.

Hope to see you again soon


Session Theme – Ultimate anal play experience

Hi, Mistress Maggie.

Thanks again for another mind blowing session. You promised the ultimate anal experience, and you delivered it and beyond. I actually came twice, first when you were toying my arse, and then when you let me put my tongue up your delicious bum. It was such an intoxicating and erotic experience. I can’t wait for my next visit when I hope to try out some more of your exciting toys.

Thanks again, love, Stu

Session Theme – Trainee volunteers for foreskin sutures

Dear Mistress,

Thank you for the brilliant session today. Also thank you for photos.

Can't wait to see again. I think I will have to alter my lifestyle details as I now know I cannot wait until August to see you again. You have totally bewitched me with your beauty and your sadistic traits.

Yours faithfully. Your well sewn slave.

slave Dave

Session Theme – Lots of golden showers

Hi Mistress Maggie

Thanks for a terrific session yesterday. It's fortunate that I don't have to pay extra every time I get a raging hard-on thinking about you pissing into my mouth (as I did repeatedly yesterday, all the way home, and am doing now). As if that was the deal I could not afford to come and see you.

slave Graham x

Session Theme – A sudsy shave and enema from Matron

Hello Mistress Maggie,

Thank you for a marvellous experience!!!!!!!! It was an amazing and a mind expanding experience and I am so very grateful to you for getting me in touch with myself. WOW!!!!!!!!! I hope you enjoyed it too and it was not only about me. You have made me feel so alive and am very grateful to you for this. Sorry if my pain level was low. But I have never had my parts pumped before. May be I will improve with time. I will be back for another session in future.

Thank you Mistress Maggie.

Yours very humbly


Session Theme – Pleasure and pain with rubber nurse

Hello Maggie
Just a quick note to say thank you for yesterdays session, it was very enjoyable and you were very welcoming. You have a great place, and you are excellent, and I look forward to returning again very soon.
Best wishes

Session Theme – Spanked, caned and catheterised

Dear Mistress Maggie,

Thank you so much for the session this afternoon. I hadn’t realised how rusty I was. I now remember the pleasure in handing over control to a beautiful and powerful Mistress. It was quite a shock when I sat down on the bus – my god, did my arse hurt!!!

Now that I have returned to the fold so to speak, the urge to book another session is unbearable. Once again, many thanks for today.

Slave Dave

Session Theme – I love your rubber treatment

Mistress Maggie,

Thank you so much for another wonderful session, for the pictures and for looking after me with my impending head ache. My nipples were quite sore but they have rather a short term memory and would like to have some more attention soon as would I (understatement ).

Words fail me, when I try to describe  the mixture of relaxation, surrender and the excitement that I experience whilst being bound in rubber by you. It's just perfect thank you.

Yours respectfully.

Session Theme – Foot fetish fulfilment

Hello Mistress,

I just want to thank you for a great session, and for the coffee after, you are a lovely Mistress.


Session Theme – Training for a first timer

Hi Mistress
Thank you for making my first visit a fantastic experience

Many Thanks

Session Theme – Torture with nasty nurse

Hi Mistress Maggie

Thank you for today, and my apologies for being a wimp. With hindsight maybe I should have suggested an introductory session. I thought I'd had CBT and nipple torture with other mistresses but I'd clearly not . . . well not to your standard.

It was lovely to meet you and thank you for the mince pie, and as I said your website is in a league of it's own.

Best wishes from


Session Theme – The double belted disciplinarian

Hi Maggie,

Just wanted to say thank you for another great session last week, must admit that when I arrived and you were dressed in black leather and not tan leather, I thought you may have forgot where we left off, however, as soon as we went into you chambers and I saw the wide tan leather belt you had waiting for me, it sent a shiver down my spine. The colour, width, length and thickness of the leather immediately evoked memories of my schooldays in the early 70s as it was just the type of belt that my old headmistress and other female teachers used to wear, so it was the perfect choice. I knew I was in for a sound thrashing and combining the belt with the large leather tawse certainly left its mark!

I wasn't sure if I could cope with the 42 belt strokes on top of everything else, but then again, being restrained in a leather straightjacket, I didn't have much choice. Not really my thing the straightjacket as I prefer to be strapped directly onto your punishment horse, but I'm always up for trying out new things in the leather bondage/restraint area. So thanks for taking you time with the punishment, especially when you paused half way through and buckled the tan leather belt around you waist, the sight of you wearing it as well as the black leather belt was awesome and satisfied a long held fantasy, the Double Belted Disciplinarian is certainly a memory that will stay long after the bruises have faded.

So thanks again for a 'Belting' session and I look forward to seeing you again and spending more quality time under your Belt!

Best Regards

Session Theme – An intense first caning

Hi, Mistress Maggie.
Thanks for yet another amazing session, it is becoming somewhat addictive. A special thanks for the new experiences you introduced me to today. I found the enema and caning particularly intense and thrilling. As I mentioned, sometimes the anticipation of what you have in store for me can be almost as exciting as the act itself, and you certainly delivered with todays session. As always, I loved the sensations and emotions I experienced as you fucked my arse, and made me worship your magnificent derriere. I could have spent the whole session worshipping your gorgeous bum. The memories will last longer than the stripes on my cheeks, but both will be safely stored in my minds "wank bank" for future reference. Once again, a heartfelt thank you, and I hope to resume my training before too long.
Love from Art

Session Theme – Whiplashed and strapped into rubber confinement

Dear Mistress Maggie,

I just wanted to thank you for another wonderful afternoon. I was a bit apprehensive about being able to last 5 hours in bondage, but I needn't have been. The whole experience was amazing. I loved being so utterly helpless and so securely bound. You seemed to know exactly what I needed. For most of the time I was completely lost in the experience and couldn't believe how soon it was over.

I can't wait to see you again. I'll be in touch soon to arrange a time.

Kindest regards,

Session Theme – Bad boy gets leathered

Hi Maggie,

Just wanted to say thank you for another great (and long overdue) session on Tuesday. You looked fantastic in the Tan Leather Outfit and the combination of leather bondage/restraint, flogging and leathering worked really well, especially after the thorough warm up otk spanking, slippering and paddling you gave me, although I don't think anything could have warmed me up sufficiently for the tawsing you administered at the end of the session, and I've still got the glowing scarlet stripes across my buttocks to prove it, but at least they've stopped throbbing!

Good luck finding your missing leather belt, which you seemed totally convinced would be ideal for giving my backside a really good leathering, on second thoughts, maybe it may be better for me if you don't find it!!!!

In the meantime, thanks again and hope to see you soon.

Best Regards

Session Theme – Captive held in satin bondage

Hi, I just wanted to say a huge "Thank you" for an incredible time, this afternoon.

I loved the way you were ready for me and hooded & bound me. I loved the tape gag and the rubber hood, too. Shame about me being a bit too big for the collar, I would have liked that.

I have to say the satin sleepsack exceeded expectations. I loved being trussed up inside it and having my face tightly smothered. The feel and the smell were incredible, as were the tight ropes around me. I was in an amazing place and could have stayed like that for hours :)

As I mentioned, I'll be in touch to arrange a longer session.

Thanks again.


Session Theme – Doctor demands stocking and ass worship

Dear Mistress Maggie,
Thanks again for another amazing session tonight. Your speculum was a real eye opener (no pun intended), and as for your finale, one of the most erotic experiences of my life.
A brilliant and inventive session, and I look forward to visiting you in your white room again soon.
Thanks again, Stuart

Session Theme – Rope and pain for me please Ma’am

Dear Mistress Maggie,

Thank you so much for last nights adventure! I can only think of one single word to sum up our meeting, UTTERLY AWESOME (ok that's two words!). I had waited far too long to live a fantasy for real and I wasn't disappointed. I have never ever tried drugs of any sort, even whilst at university but I was “high” for real last night!!!  I had never imagined that pain could cause such a pleasant feeling, or that I could take it without screaming out!

I hope I wasn't a disappointment to you mistress, my nipples remind me yet of our encounter.  
If it pleases my mistress I would beg to submit myself again later in the new year for some CBT on top of the generous application of mistresses clover clamps for her amusement, I would beg a better gag please and a much darker blindfold so mistress doesn't have to suffer the sight of pathetic tears or the sounds of snivelling begging for mercy, then there is mistresses spreader bars, oh so many devious toys and so little time!

Oh and bye the way, yep it was for real, a total newbie, never tied so well, never ever whipped at all, never endured pain like that just for real true total fun, suppose that makes me a sub don't it ma'am, just wish I'd been in touch thirty years ago!

Thank you so much for making me feel safe and so uncomfortable at the same time, the mince pie was delicious too.

Sincerely yours forever, Adrian

Session Theme – Bedridden patient subjected to smothering and bagging

Dear Mistress/nurse,  what can I say but THANKYOU !!! My annual visit to the rubber nurse was THRILLING, SCARY, SENSUALLY TESTING and left me BREATHLESS. Your understanding of our needs is beyond description, and you control this patient sooo well and pushed limits a little further. The rubber sheeted bed is still my favourite item of sensual arousal but it is only one of many items you used to maximise the sensual arousal. I think I will have to have a follow up appointment next year, if not before, if I have a relapse.
Breathlessly yours Barry xx

Session Theme – Medical patient examined and spanked by his new Doctor

Hi. Just a quick thankyou for an incredible session today. It was certainly an enjoyable and eye opening introduction to the world of BDSM, and one I would recommend to anyone curious about experiencing such pleasures. I would love to try it again sometime when the opportunity arises.
Once again, many thanks, and I will relive the memories for a long time to come.

Session Theme – Leather fetish and bondage with additional glove tease

Hi Mistress,

A brief e-mail to say a big thank you for a wonderful session today.

To be so wickedly tormented by such an attractive Lady knowing that I was absolutely helpless was really special. I may not respond physically as I once did but that certainly does not mean that I was not excited. Oh yes I was excited! My mind was working overtime conjuring up all sorts of delicious fantasies. But I'm pretty sure that you knew just what you were doing to me!

That dress is really something especially with the red lining. And those boots. I hope that I may see those again.

I do hope that you will allow me to visit you again. I have just been looking at pictures on your website of a chap helpless in a bodybag and coils of rope and another who appears to be wrapped in cling film and secured with chains. Both are situations I would love to experience.

Thank you again for making my visit such a special one. I will enjoy the memories for weeks to come.

Kind regards

John x

Session Theme – Revenge in sadistic and judicial style

Dear Mistress

Thank you for the fulfilment of my punishment and getting Pauline her richly deserved revenge. I did of course genuinely deserve everything I got.

The session  was very painful and my nipples and bum are still sore. The fact that there was no safe word was perfect for this and my screams were real. When you ripped the hair brush across my nipples I really knew what Pauline had felt like - I really wanted it to stop but no amount of pleading or struggling would stop it. Also when you yanked hard on my balls it went far beyond my limits and the fact that you kept on and on causing me to struggle, gag and protest in real pain really would have made Pauline laugh. She would have loved to have been there I am sure and it would have been Very humiliating for me if she had walked through that door.
The Judicial Punishment was very painful and the fact that you made gaps in between each crack made me feel totally helpless, I was in the Gym showers today ( a little humiliating) and the water jets really stung my bum.
I would emphasise this was not just a fantasy, I really felt guilty and wanted to really feel helpless and scared. That is why I so insisted on no safe word and no consent. The pain I felt during the nipple and CBT was far more than I could stand I really did want you to stop but was pushed far beyond my limits. The gagged screams and desperate head shaking was for real. Pauline has had her revenge!!

Thank you once again

Respectfully yours


Session Theme – Female in a long leather coat kidnaps a new victim

Hi Mistress Maggie

Just to say many thanks for planning and organising my session with you last week, I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and hope to make a return visit in the next few months.


Session Theme – Brain surgery to enjoy

Mistress Maggie,

Today has surpassed all previous sessions in terms of experiences and just sheer fun.

Your sense of mischief, imagination and creativity all came to together to create a mind-bogglingly enjoyable roller coaster ride and I can honestly say, roll on another 33 sessions. I knew I was in for a remarkable experience when you started singing. Always a good sign that Mistress is in full flow. I just hope that you were able to gain some pleasure as it would be so unfair if I got all the luxuries.

It was the first full session in the clinic and the theme you designed; restorative brain surgery, coupled with superb use of electrical 'monitoring' resulted in a kaleidoscopic explosive climax to a wonderful session and thanks for the liquid infusion, I really appreciated the vintage.

Thank you Mistress. The best yet and I am certain you have found the secret of eternal youth as you get younger with each session.

Your devoted rubber slave,

Session Theme – A new experience for a vacbed virgin

Hi Mistress,

Sorry its taken so long to write but had another awesome session last week, thank you. The vac bed was a new experience, one I'll have to try again I think. Loved the gas station & the ease with which poppers could be administered.

Lastly the unexpected face sitting was great & the finger up the bum while being forcibly instructed to wank was out of this world & thanks for the pics.

John  x

Session Theme – Slave trained on a leather lead

Mistress Maggie

Just a little message, to say thanks Mistress Maggie for a very lovely time spent in your company, it was a wonderful experience, thank you.

L x

Session Theme – Leathered by an Avengers girl

Hi Mistress,,

Just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for a terrific session yesterday.

Everything went perfectly, you in your 'Avengers' Leather Catsuit oozes sexual dominance, the harnessing coupled with being restrained on the vaulting horse and bondage bed for CP really worked well, and gave me a complete feeling of being at your mercy. As for 'Mrs Peel', I'm now in no doubt that when she says she's going to take her belt off to me, a sound thrashing will soon follow ensuring I left with a well leathered backside.

The floggers you used were also just right, especially the one that you had made yourself, it was visually perfect and had a great impact, it was reassuring to know that you had some spare leather tails as replacements should you lose any any whilst you were administering the flogging, thanks for sharing that with me!

So thanks again, shame I could'nt have stayed longer, and I look forward to another session along the same lines in the not too distant future

Best Regards

Session Theme – Traveller referred for medical exam by customs office

Hi Maggie
Thanks for a great first session yesterday.
You have a great set up there and a reassuringly professional manner.
I particularly liked the role play.

See you soon


Session Theme – Leather fetishist is dominated with boots and gloves

Mistress Maggie
Thank you for a brilliant session today. As I said I hadn't experienced that intense a sub space before both in terms of intensity and duration.

I was there within a few minutes and didn't come out until I couldn't release at the end.

I loved your boots and your outfit - for me it had a gothic/ritual feel to it in leather.

Thank you again.  I will be in touch soon to continue my training.


Session Theme – Discipline used to teach a new slave obedience

Dear Mistress Maggie
I hope the rest of the day has continued well for you. Thank you for our session. It was brilliant. You took me way beyond anywhere I've been before, and gave me more time. The programme was excellent value. I've come away feeling that my manhood has been affirmed and my sensuality well tested. You gave me lots of "attention", in a whole variety of ways. This was mostly "kind"(!!), and even when it was harsh, it was kindly meant, and it was what I requested!!

I thought the balance you created between administering discipline and me being able to realise that you were enjoying yourself was a great experience. It was certainly a new angle on the sharing of intimacy for which I crave. I endured a good measure of exploration and we were engaged in enjoyment for all that time. Fantastic. It was novel and it was good fun.

I've not had chance to examine nether regions yet, but nothing's hurting. I've stopped off at a pub to get some tea and take advantage of the wifi connection. Then I'll continue cycling home, carrying a mindful of exciting memories about the training I've received in pleasing my Mistress Maggie. I especially appreciate the trusting relationship we established in working together.

With many thanks and my very best wishes, your new slave Ant.

Session Theme – Pain and pleasure for a trainee slave

Mistress Maggie,

What extra superlatives are there to describe our session today? Yet again, you have created a unique combination of pain and pleasure, of agony and ecstasy, that will stay with me far longer than the elephant like appendage that caused me to walk very gingerly back to the car. I am pleased, yet a little saddened, to report that that area has returned to relative normality just after my fish and chip supper. I am sure the girls in the shop were wondering why I was walking like John Wayne.

You again have created so many new experiences that I can't list them all but, you probably know my highlights were watching you first open your parcel and then sneaking a lengthy glimpse of you admiring your reflection in the mirror as you wore your new coat. Thanks for sharing that experience and a little of your delight.

The second was the absolutely stunning sight as your graceful derriere descended to ride my face then provide a very timely infusion of much needed liquid. A welcome but too brief refreshment and a good vintage.

The third was the expert and tender way you mounted me in the clinic. I am so pleased that you have been able to make that small part of me, exclusively yours. It has taken some time but I for one, think all your hard work and effort to create a suitable opening has been most liberating.

Words are not enough to express my thanks for another memorable experience. I don't think I messed inside or damaged the plastic tent you had me trapped inside.

Thank you

Your slave

Session Theme – Multi-layer bondage slave hidden inside a body bag

Hi Mistress Maggie
Wow, what a day. Just arrived home.
May I say what an experience that was.
You are just absolutely the most fantastic host and your personality is just sublime.
Many many thanks for all that you have done today.
I look forward to seeing the photos you took and will re book as soon as time and funds allow.
I would love to keep in touch so you can update me on your vac bed and look forward to the next time we meet.
Bye for now I think some more clingfilm awaits !!!
Kind Regards

Session Theme – Cowardly patient silenced and suffocated by rubber nurse

Dear Mistress Maggie, I had good journey home arrived around 8pm, heavy traffic around Birmingham.
Thank you for a wonderful experience and that rubber bed was such a sensuous feeling and I suspect that the reaction to a hand over my mouth will not be forgotten. A first visit is always a little bit tense as there are so many unknowns but I must say you were fantastic and even at this early stage tested my limits. Perhaps on my next visit I can stay longer and you can test my limits further.
You certainly are well well versed in the art of sensual persuasion and that rubber bed is to die for.
Once again thank you, I expect all your clients/slaves feel the same way but you are an exceptional lady.

truly yours B xx

Session Theme – Soft glove smother and tie ‘n’ tease

Hello Maggie,

Thank you for a very enjoyable afternoon. If anything it was more enjoyable than I could have hoped for due entirely to your thoroughness and personality. I got everything I asked for, and more, including some surprises. I am not very happy about being restrained but felt very safe (if that's the right word) in your hands. At the present time I don't know when our next meeting will be but hopefully sooner rather than later. I would be quite content to move it up a notch.

Kind regards,


Session Theme – Rubber bound with sensory deprivation

Hello Mistress Maggie,

Having taken a few days to digest last week's experience I  just wanted to write to thank you for your hospitality and your delightful company.

I was surprised both at how generous you were with your time and with the physicality you put into our scenario - the way you used your sexy body when I was trussed was delicious.

You certainly took me places I'd never been before - at times I wondered whether I would be able to stay in 'the zone' but I was thrilled to see it through. The bondage was wonderfully restrictive and the nipple play exquisite.

I have some ideas for what else I'd like to do next - perhaps in a few weeks time. For now I'm saving my pennies to make sure we could have a good hour and a half!!

Best wishes


Session Theme – Foot worship in fully fashioned nylons

Hello Mistress
I want to thank you for the fantastic experience, you were absolutely incredible.
I will always remember it and just hope that I can get away on my own again. It probably won't be soon but I have got my memories..............
I just can't forget those sexy feet of yours.
Kind regards

Session Theme – Heavy bondage administered by a Rubber Mistress

Dear Mistress -

Just a little thank you for a great time -- You are lovely to look at, and a down to earth person and also have a great sense of humour too. I do hope I can get to session again sometime. 
The thongs I gave you maybe a little too big as they are meant to fit a size 10 - 14 and I guess you are a 6-8 only: small but perfectly formed as they say. 

I have taken the trouble to enclose my recipe and method to chlorinate latex as it may differ from yours and may be of help to you

Best wishes for now Mel xxx

Session Theme – Five hour toilet confinement


home safely
thanks for everything today, especially your abundant supply of watersports - very tasty indeed
it was really appreciated
I loved being your all day toilet and piss slut
I hope to come back again one day,


Session Theme – Hand over mouth smothering by a Satin Governess

Dear Maggie,

lovely to meet you . . . your look was sublime and the outfits fantastic. Thankyou for a great session, the finale was great and the hom in the finale was brilliant, i'd happily spend the entire session with that final technique - head in you lap though resting in your satin frame.

yours p

Session Theme – Office employee spanked and demoted to ass-licking boy

Dear Mistress Maggie
Thank you for seeing me today. I really enjoyed my time over your knee and the spanking you gave me over your bench pushed me to the limit. Thank you for letting me kiss your arse that was an unexpected pleasant suprise. I hope to see you again soon to try out the strap on you showed me.

Session Theme – Devil Mistress leads rubber slave down road of temptation

Mistress Maggie,
Session 13 and definitely lucky 13.

It was a real honour and privilege to see and hear you enjoying yourself and to say thank you for an excellent afternoon. I can not imagine a better way to spend a Friday afternoon and thank you for an excellent induction to the White Room. It was a delight to hear you really laughing about my Lithuania gas masks steaming up. One of those really funny natural moments that make you exceptional as a devil Mistress. I think I may be converted to the dark side. Lead on please.
Your bean bag is exceptionally comfortable and, as I said you are really light although you do produce a perfect seal when you sit down and the sight of a red devil descending on my masked face was definitely the road to temptation.
I hope to be more effective at cleaning duties, it may be appropriate to have one duster fully extended and one in its short state. That may assist with cleaning under the bed. The difficulty was I couldn't bend my elbow to get it under the bed.
At our next session I will be an even more pervy rubber slave and trust that my new suit will enhance your enjoyment as well.
I can not fault anything today.

Thank you.


Session Theme – Cock torture with electroplay and anal invasion

Mistress Maggie of Preston

Well what can I say but FANTASTIC.

A Mistress with years of experience.

I was given CBT with rope bondage and Electric CBT, I felt Honoured to Christen her brand new Rosebud Sounds which had only arrived the same day, When they slide down the hole the effect is amazing.

She then mounted me with her Strapon and also used a Manhandler she sure knows how to use these toys.

She now has two play rooms the second contains her Gynae chair.

A great Session and I will return for some more.


Session Theme – Rubber fun with nipple torture finale

Mistress Maggie

Thank you for another wonderful session this afternoon and for sending the pictures. I really enjoyed the multiple rubber lavers and the more prolonged bondage. Safe, secure bondage and sensual rubber on rubber play, intense electrics, butt plug together with breath play and nipple torture . . . a perfect way to spend an afternoon, thank you.

I didn’t realise I could be made to cum by nipple torture alone! I shall remember this afternoon long after my nipples have recovered.

Great photos – thanks

Best regards


Session Theme – Further training with a new Mistress

Hello Mistress Maggie

Thank you for the excellent session last Friday, the electrics were a lot more shocking than I had experienced before (tens only previously) and the face sitting was a lot more
intense than I had come across before you can certainly smother effectively for someone so small and light and hardly a mark on my bottom next day, thank you.

The marks from the gag had gone in a couple of hours.

Thank You and Best Regards


Session Theme – Leather school teacher uses her belt for punishment

Dear Mistress Maggie,

Just wanted to drop you a line to say how much I enjoyed meeting you yesterday and thank you for putting me at ease , I must confess it was the longest and hardest flogging and leathering I have ever experienced in any session and left my backside still throbbing for hours afterwards, the strange part was that after we had first spoken on the phone and I reminded you that I had'nt session for nearly two years, I had the impression that you were going to go very easy on me and was tempted to say that I expected to leave the session with a well leathered backside, how relieved I was not to have been so stupid, your leather implements and floggers were awesome and you have a very powerful arm for weilding them, god only knows what pain I would have had to endure if you felt I was in need of even more severe punishment.

I suppose being out of practice, everything felt very painful and at times I must admit it felt like it was going well beyond my limits, but I did want them stretching and you certainly did that, I have left previous sessions feeling that I had'nt been dealt with severely enough but that was certainly never going to be the case from the moment the session began in earnest with you. Sorry I was'nt able to cope with the final punishment with your large heavy leather straps but the tawsing you gave me certainly left its mark!

Maybe in a future session you can introduce me to them in a more moderate way as you now know that I'm a bit of a wimp when you really let loose.

Ah well, I suppose practice makes perfect so I look forward to meeting up with you again in the near future and we can continue my reintroduction into your disciplinary world.

Once again, thank you and it is a session that will stay long in the memory well after the marks have faded away.

Hope to be in touch soon

Respectfully Yours


Session Theme – Fantasy session for a closet rubberist

Mistress Maggie,
A quick note to say a heartfelt thank you for my first introduction to the BDSM scene.

I arrived at the session very nervous, not knowing how I would be received, what to expect and whether I could handle what was about to happen.

I left the session with probably the most alive feeling I have had for years. Your approach was truly professional and you were always in total control but always sensitive as to my well being.

I left the session with nerves but these are of anticipation of where you will take me in the next session.

Once again, thank you and I hope I was able to meet your requirements.

Yours respectfully,

Session Theme – Any duty undertaken for a drip of my golden nectar

Dear Mistress Maggie,

First let me thank you for allowing me to visit you today. I think you are absolutely wonderful. Please can I ask for future sessions to be a little less severe when you spank me. I want to respect and revere you but also want to look forward to my visits. I liked you kicking me with your black boots, but was still stinging from the spanking. I suppose I am a wimp (unless I have an extra sensitive bum.) Perhaps pain isn`t my thing. Watersports certainly is and I think that and the toilet training were probably the best experiences of my life.

Being used as your footrest was also a thrill.

The idea of being at your command is a real dream for me and so I hope I can be of service to you apart from our sessions. At the moment the best I can afford is to visit for sessions is once a month. Apart from that, as we mentioned, if I can be of use to you in other ways I would love the chance to prove my obedience and respect. I know you must have many slaves to call on but I hope to be considered. I wouldn`t dream of letting you down. (I know how severe the punishment can be)
I look forward to my next golden shower. Can I really bring a flask?  I would love to be sitting here now pouring your lovely piss into a wine glass before settling down in front of the telly.

Thanks again. You are beautiful.

Slave Ian.

Session Theme – Leather and boot fetishist gets a BDSM intro

New enquiry from: Gareth
Mistress, I just wanted to say how much I appreciated my initial session earlier today. Worshiping your boots was like a dream come true and I felt as if I could lose myself in the leather. I'm sorry I was so stupid in my selection of butt plug and for denting so much of your furniture as I moved about. I look forward to our next session with great anticipation.

Session Theme – Rope bondage

New enquiry from: bob
Message: My Dear Mistress Maggie
Just a note to say thank you for the bondage session on Wednesday. You are a very professional dominatrix and Your bondage technique is extremely proficient. It was safe, secure and sensual and Your treatment of me as Your submissive was also perfectly well judged. You were firm, domineering and at times threatening without ever giving me sense that You could not be trusted. It is a fine line to tread, especially with a new punter. I have no plans to be in the area again in the immediate future but will not hesitate to visit You again if and when the opportunity arises.

Bob . . . (and yes that is my real name)

No reply required or expected

Session Theme – A rubber special with watersports

Dear Mistress Maggie

I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoyed myself this afternoon but hope I can come back again soon. You were fantastic and looked amazing in your rubber. Thank you for being patient and a big thank you for ignoring my comments about not wanting to take a cock. You can’t imagine the pleasure I felt when you slid that lovely slim cock dildo into my arse. Or perhaps my groans gave me away?

And I still don’t know how you manage to retain so much fluid. That was a watersports session to remember!

Thanks again for a wonderful time and a special thanks to you both for picking me up and delivering me back to the station.

Looking forward to my next away day to Preston already.

With best wishes


Session Theme – Rubber bondage with breath play


Thankyoufor another wonderful session and for sending the pictures.

When I have more time I shall include one or two of these (perhaps cropped) on my profile at RubberPal www.rubberpal.com. My non der plume there is "**********".

Thanks again for a wonderful session if it's OK with you perhaps could I bring some of my own rubber gear next time to use with your rubber bondage sack as I like the idea of multiple lavers and prolonged bondage? I think I like your idea of being bound horizontally as my "bits" would be more vulnerable. It would be more comfortable for longer sessions and allow me to take more poppers without feeling too faint. Although comfort isn't necessarily the object of the exercise - as I say in my rubberpal profile - bondage isn't bondage unless you (now) want to be released!

Great photos - thanks

Best regards


Session Theme – Continued slave training and high heel fetish fix

Mistress Maggie,

Just a quick message to thank you for a wonderful session last night.
You are a truely wonderful woman and have left some lovely images in my head to see me through until I can present myself to you again for another session, hopefully in the not too distant future.

Thank you again.


Session Theme – An appointment with nurse in her fantasy clinic

Mistress Maggie,

Thank You very much for a fantastic time today. I really enjoyed every minute of it (including the painful bit) especially the worship and the uniform and the tying and well everything really.
Today encouraged me to want to try more things like this and I would love to be able to visit again sometime.

Hopefully see you again



Session Theme – Kidnap and confinement

Dear Mistress Maggie

Just wanted to thank you for a wonderful session on Friday, from the moment you dragged me inside your house to the minute I left passed so quickly, and I will have many happy memories.

I loved you in the catsuit Mistress, made you look very Emma Peel, and if you had been wearing knee high laced up leather boots, I would of been coming a lot sooner than I did, though then I would of missed out on the sensual experience of the satin gloves, who knows next time Mistress you could gag me with your penis gag and have me pleasure you whilst I am bound and gagged.

Would it be possible next time Mistress when you kidnap me from the door you are dressed as PC Maggie, and then whilst I am locked away in the cell you change into your catsuit.

Thanks once again for a wonderful afternoon, hope your daughter enjoyed her birthday weekend and I hope to session again with you sooner than the length of time I left it this time.


slave steve

Session Theme – Aunty OTK role-play with an intro to anal play


I would just like to say thank you for an entertaining session on Monday.
I was a bit sceptical at first but you soon removed any doubts as to your capabilities.
I still have some lovely strap marks to show for it...thanks for the introduction to anal it was better than I had anticipated...next time I am in Preston area I will be booking another session....

So take care...see you soon and many thanks


Session Theme – A new customer introduction to BDSM

Hi Mistress Margaret,
Thankyou for your time the other night giving me a great introdution to your world. it was certainly revealing. I feel sure given the oportunity i will visit you again

many thanks Phil

Session Theme – Boot fetish and worship with continued anal training

thank you Maggie, for a most wonderful and memorable session last week.
The silver spandex jumpsuit and silver boots are still etched into my memory with you looking so magnificent in them. and i am still reeling from your treatment, it was well worth the wait.
not wishing to sound an impudent sub i meant to ask last week but forgot in the presence of your beauty if i may possibly have a months membership in lieu of recent payments non/visits so i can gaze in awe and wonder at the fabulous pics you have added to your site but which i have as yet been unable to view.
This of course shall be the only time i ask your charity, fully expecting to be used and demeaned as your plaything therafter.
yours truly,
alan xx

Session Theme – Tickle torture

Hi Mistress Maggie.

I just wanted to say thanks for the session today...it was great fun and it was lovely meeting you!

Kind regards,

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