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and the art of Domination and Sadism
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White Room Medical Mistress . . .Welcome to my White Room – a dedicated medical facility here at my Preston chambers. The white room is equipped in the authentic crisp, clean clinic style and offers the perfect surroundings for adult ‘doctor and nurse’ treatments. Climb on to the adjustable gynae couch and prepare for your examination. The padded headrest and stirrups provide the best in patient comfort, while the white hospital straps and restraints secure you down – legs asunder if necessary!

Like all the best fetish clinics I have plenty of rubber equipment in my white room for both anal play and breath play. If you have a latex allergy you’d be best to stay away. A practical assortment of shiny surgical instruments are on hand to help me make a correct diagnosis – after all, I’m not a real nurse and sometimes jot down inaccuracies on your patient record chart.

Slaves who visit me for CBT, anal play or breath control can opt to be my patient for a change. You now have two very different playroom environments to choose from which offer you a more diverse approach to your training.

There is still room on the white room register for new patients, especially ones who have been fantasising about being mistreated by a sexy doctor or nurse for some time. If you feel that you are ready for some treatment do not delay, your medical fetish will be well taken care of as I discover and treat ailments you never knew you had.

Uniforms are available for white room sessions. You can choose from a doctor, nurse, matron, or surgeon, or if you like something more specialised rubber nurse is becoming an ever more popular choice. Please let me know if you have a preference. +

Whatever you choose I will be conducting health checks, performing examinations, providing first aid, making a diagnosis based on your symptoms, before giving you the treatment you need using a range of traditional, devious and kinky methods.

Available procedures include:

Anal Play – rubber glove examinations, speculums, proctoscopes, butt plugs including bi-polar electro, dildos, other insertable and inflatable items

Aromas – room aromas (formerly known as poppers) are allowed, please enquire

Breath Play – hoods, gags, plastic bags, gas masks, filters and hoses, anaesthetic masks, rebreather bags, the ‘Gas Station’ unique air management system, bubble bottle inhalation. Rubber, plastic and glove smothering

Catheterisation – urinary catheters, bladder control and draining. A full sterile kit and Foley catheter is provided, please enquire

Clamping and Stretching – medical grade stainless steel instruments and weights

Electrics – TENS, PES, E-Stim, and Erostek power boxes, with a wide selection of metal and conductive rubber electrodes, unique electroplay power boxes and Tesla (violet wand) machine

Enemas and Douching – various liquids available

First Aid – bandages, dressings, ointments and splints


Health Checks – eye tests, blood pressure testing and monitoring, checking temperature, chest and airway examinations, dental examinations

Ice Packs – internal and external

Needles – play piercings with single-use, sterile, surgical needles or stitching with threaded sterile sutures

Piss Play – recycling using funnels, tubes, teats or enemas

Pressure – vacuum pumping, cupping and suction

Scrotal Inflation – a full sterile infusion kit including a 500ml bag of
saline is provided, please enquire

Skin Stapling – metal sutures, temporary body modification. A full sterile stapling kit is provided, please enquire

Skin Treatments – shaving, plucking and waxing

Sounding – stainless steel or disposable plastic sounds with or without electrostim or vibration.

The pictures and comic strips below are a true representation of the sessions I conduct in my white room, the area is kept spotlessly clean and instruments are either discarded or sterilised after use for your safety.

If viewing my white room pages has made your temperature rise, don’t suffer in silence, make an appointment soon – fantasy afflictions are my speciality.


It is with regret that I must announce that in the next few weeks the
content of my website must be dramatically changed in order to comply with
the new UK legislation relating to online adult content, as outlined
in the Digital Economy Law 2017.

Instead, when my revamp is complete, you will be seeing something simpler,
far less graphically explicit but hopefully refreshing.

In the meantime I am still conducting live 1-2-1 sessions with
likeminded kinksters and you can reach me via my How to Visit page.

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