An Enema in the White Room

White Room

The Enema . . .
The Enema . . .
The Enema . . .
The Enema . . .

White Room
‘So, Mr Mumble. You have been closely examining your stools in search of your missing ball gag . . . and nature has failed to take its course?’ +

‘I’ve detected a hard bulge, does it feel uncomfortable?’

‘No, I love my ball gag nurse but it feels nicest when it’s in my mouth.’

‘Back in a moment Mr Mumble, I just need to fill this enema bag with warm solution.’

Nurse is producing plenty of piss as usual, at this rate one jug may not be enough.

That sounds suspiciously like someone pissing into a plastic pot, thinks Mumble.

‘I’m using a gravity enema for your treatment today, I will start with one litre and can easily top it up again if I need to.’

‘You get into a nice relaxed position on your side Mr Mumble, it will take a while for the enema to feed through.’

‘Are you OK there Mr Mumble? You’ll soon be refuelled and running faster than normal.’

‘Mmm . . . warm . . . mumble . . . mumble’

‘You know, if you weren’t such a perv you would only have a commonplace object stuck in your plumbing - like a vegetable or a toothbrush for example.’

‘Right Mr Mumble, as soon as I have fitted this anal balloon you are confined to the bathroom until the enema does its work.’

‘MMMMM . . . mumble . . . MMMM . . . mumble . . . MM . . . MM . . . mumble’

‘I see that my piss enema was a gobsmacking success. Time to put your ball gag back in its rightful place.’

‘Yes please Nurse. My mouth is ready Nurse.’


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