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Electro Cock and Ball Torture Board

Stimulating news for masochists –

I am now the proud owner of an electro torture board, a device specially designed for giving myself some sadistic times with your cock and balls.

This homemade piece of equipment is built to last and may possibly be the only red one in the world.

With your man-tackle firmly sandwiched between the torture board’s two layers, there will be no escape while I control the sensations you receive.

Armed with six large conductive metal plates and six power inputs a good range of stimulating combinations can be achieved. Making nice, evenly spread electrosex sensations reach every inch of your most sensitive parts.

Of course, when you see me twiddling those wing nuts, the crushing pain you feel in both your cock and balls will progressively increase - just like the size of my sadistic smile!

The torture board has been tested by two of my slaves, and with the help of their valuable feedback can reliably deliver the desired results.

Though not the most cruel item in my electroplay arsenal, this device delivers an advanced and unique electro torture experience.

  Slave with my electro cock and ball torture board

Lochgelly Style Tawse

Mistress with her tawse for discipline  

Following a recent delivery from the Scottish tawse maker MC Customs, I have some striking news for discipline lovers, in the form of a medium weight three tailed Lochgelly style tawse.

This new tan leather implement is now taking pride of place, hanging up alongside my other leather corporal punishment implements. It’s severity compares well with some of the heavier straps I have been using, though being my only implement with three tails it certainly has something a little different to offer.

I can assure you it delivers a very noticeable sting exactly where it counts, whether you are holding out your hand or bending over my bench.

I am looking forward to using it on those who enjoy or need hard discipline, and know I will get many years of pleasure from wielding it.

Lochgelly style three tailed tawse

Luxury Playroom Improvements

My luxury fetish playroom

It has been non stop DIY in my chambers since the start of the year and I am now conducting my sessions in new surroundings.

Sessions have been ongoing while i have been restyling my main playroom area, my aim being to improve the lighting and give my play space an invitingly luxurious look, which I think I have managed to achieve without being too unrealistic.

The patterned wallpaper has been stripped away making way for a deep textured covering, the window is now fashioned with long drapes in a lavish crushed velour for added warmth, while my bondage and CP furniture has been re-upholstered in an embroidered cloth that’s fit for a queen.

Storage of my fetish equipment and toys has always been a problem, but a lot of my gear is now cleverly organised on grid wall storage racks, saving me having to stretch up to bring them down from the picture rail where they previously lived. Overall my play space is looking larger and my choice of decor provides a variety of uncluttered backdrops for when photos need to be taken.

Always thoughtful of my slaves I have installed an ornamental ceiling rose for you to admire while you are writhing on the floor at my mercy. The finishing touch is the Persian rug which I picked because it reminded me of a flying carpet; most apt for a room where many a kinky fantasist comes to find their destination.

I would like to thank all the slaves who have continued to attend while I’ve been completing the refurbishment. I promised that I had a luxury item planned for you just as soon as the room is finished and you need wait no longer, here it is slaves. There is nothing more luxurious than gold, so to complement my new decor I have created a new bodybag made from the finest gold latex for you to wriggle around in. I hope you enjoy your new surroundings as much as I do!

It’s fabulous, isn’t it?

Gold latex bodybag

Hello Twitter

I am now a member of the Twitter community and you can access my tweets here –

Everyone is welcome to read, follow and participate in the subjects you enjoy.

And remember. I am always up to something, usually for the benefit of my slaves.

Mistress is on Twitter

Deluxe Slave Toilet

Providing tasty treats for nectar lovers –

I have been spending rather more than a penny on my latest furniture upgrade, a deluxe slave toilet.

Mistress Maggie on her deluxe slave toiletThis exquisitely modern chrome and acrylic piece replaces the wooden toilet box that I have used for the last twenty years, and is a welcome space saving addition to my current fetish furniture collection. Toilet slaves can now lie back in luxurious surroundings whilst feasting on my golden champagne directly from the source, as I sit on my seat above them.

The height of the toilet can be adjusted between 28cm (11") and 43cm (17") approximately, to suit the slave or my personal requirements. Hitching rings on the legs enable me to keep my toilet slave exactly where he is needed until I have finished my toilet visit.

The toilet features a removable latex chamber that fits onto your head rather like a latex hood. Sealed inside it with your mouth open you will receive the enviable and exciting view of your Mistress and the cascading watersports I frequently supply. I recommend that you keep your mouth open as any spillages are collected in the hood and craftily salvaged for your consumption later.

My deluxe toilet is intended for use with serious piss play players; behave like a proper toilet and deal with whatever quantities land in the pan.

An alternative chamber which incorporates a drinking gag is in the making and will be available very soon, hopefully this will be another great option for experienced toilet slaves and those who are seeking a no nonsense ‘Drink it all up’ style of toilet play.

Eager slaves with a genuine desire to serve as my toilet should get their mouths into practise for warm nectar in mouthwatering proportions. Controlled urine flow, natural bladder emptying and powerful gushes are on the menu. I look forward to seeing your willing faces in my chamberpot soon and paying regular visits to my deluxe slave toilet.

Inflatable Latex

My massive latex collection has just become a whole lot larger with the addition of a stunning inflatable catsuit.

If you are a size XXL or less, you can now come along and enjoy being encased in two layers of smooth chlorinated rubber and be gradually inflated to awesome proportions.

The suit provides a unique feeling, once enclosed and inflated your movement is seriously limited and the inner latex layer tightly presses into all of your contours.

The catsuit is a made of metallic pewter coloured latex with a full back zip fastening that extends through the crotch area, giving me full access to both your genitals and nether regions – provided they’re not occupied by something rubbery already of course!

The suit has a plain high collar, where hoods can be easily tucked in if required. Rubber socks and gloves
are available to make you completely rubberised and looking and feeling sensational. I also have the
matching inflatable hood and pump up mitts to prevent your hands from wandering.

Inflatable rubber hood with breathing pipe
Mistress with a slave in an inflatable latex catsuit

Using my electric pumps it takes up to 10 minutes to inflate and a similar time to deflate the suit, which all adds to the fun of your inflatable experience. As the pumping process cannot be rushed, it’s essential that any rubber fetishists who are eager to try out the new catsuit allow for this prep time when arranging their session.

I would like to say a big thank you to slave peebody for funding the purchase of this lovely item.

Fancy inflation? – I look forward to welcoming you into my inflatable domain and seeing you float away into your personal latex dreamworld soon.

New Gynae Couch

I can now take your medical treatments to new heights!

I now have a superb, multi-positional, electric gynae couch that creates a modern centrepiece to my medical set up. It’s been fun getting to grips with the remote control functions, my fetish patients have been taking some unexpected pleasure trips, or simply enjoying being one of the first to try out its many features;

  • Remote controlled height, tilt, and fold
  • Drop down arm supports
  • Adjustable leg stirrups
  • Cut-away seat section for better access during anal play
  • Upholstered in smooth antibacterial vinyl
  • Removable pulley frame for CBT and stretching procedures (not pictured).

All my White Room procedures remain the same, it’s only the couch that has changed, although my new model boasts integral PVC straps that will keep you buckled down while I get on with the necessary treatments I have prepared for you.

The new gynae couch also doubles as a full length massage table, a feature which adds an extra dimension to my White Room sessions, as I am now able to lie you down comfortably in my medical setting, wearing your bodybags and other immobilising wrappings, giving me full control of both your movement and functioning.

I am excited about the future opportunities the couch will bring for myself and my medical slaves and I look forward to taking your chosen medical treatments to new heights very soon.

Nurse Maggie on her new electric gynae couch

A White Latex Bodybag

Good news for heavy latex bondage lovers -

I have made an all confining latex bodybag for you, it’s a heavy duty item featuring internal sleeves and external bondage straps for extra restriction. Suitable for slaves up to 6’ tall and XXL in size.

The white latex lends itself really well to my medical setting, but the bag has already been used successfully in both my White Room clinic and my cosy playroom, where most of my heavy bondage sessions take place.

I will be using my new bodybag in dedicated bondage sessions and confinements with those of you who enjoy full body enclosure, whilst I control you in one of my breathtaking latex Mistress outfits.

Expect rubber bondage bliss as you are zipped and strapped inside the lovely thick 0.75mm latex layers, with a super smooth chlorinated feel. Designed by me to keep you as my helpless rubber plaything.

A large selection of latex hoods, anaesthetic and gas masks are on hand to regulate and control your air intake, complementing your total rubber experience.

If this is the way you wish to be spoiled don’t forget to mention it when you call.

Mistress Maggie’s white latex bodybag

Weighty Polished Metal Pieces

I have taken delivery of four challenging metal toys. My new toys were chosen with the intention of stretching a little more than your imagination –

Weighty polished metal pieces50N Weight – this large chunk of shiny metal is a serious ball weight. It weighs in at approximately 11lbs or 5kg and has already been successfully lifted on a standard leather parachute.

Ball Stretcher – a beautiful thing in stainless steel for intense ball stretching experiences and a weighty piece of apparatus to boot. The locking rings easily screw together around your scrotum and the whole thing looks really good when fitted. How low can your balls go?

Screw on Nipple Clamps – to decorate your nipples. My new clamps are not the most painful to wear but do grip your nipples well, complete with a handy chain link which allows me to yank on your tightly gripped nips, or attach weights for fun.

Cock Ring Electrode – this unipolar steel electrode can be combined with most of the other electrodes in my extensive kit. Being wide it provides a more pleasurable spread of electric sensation and the heavy weight feels noticeably nice when fitted on your cock. A good fit is necessary to feel the full benefits of the ring, so this one at 38mm diameter works best on larger members.

Your Mistress is revelling in the idea of sitting back and relaxing whilst leaving all the heavy lifting to you guys.

Skin Stapling

New White Room Treatment –

My White Room is now equipped for skin stapling. The price for the stapling treatment is £15 and a full sterile kit is provided for each patient.

The kit includes –
1 x single use skin stapler preloaded with staples
1 x skin staple remover
1 x pair sterile medical gloves
Alcohol wipes as required

The medical stapler is proving to be a great tool for temporary body modification and I have found that the metal sutures grip especially well on male genitalia. In fact, wherever I can pinch some skin tissue I can now clip on a staple, meaning that your other body parts including nipples are vulnerable too.

I will be using my sutures on those who enjoy an element of fear and/or pain in their medical scenario, and for closing any ‘hypothetical’ wounds that need my attention. Removing the sutures is half the fun; nurse relishes the responsibility of completing your treatment by pulling out each staple she has administered before you depart the clinic.

If you have an interest in this treatment please mention it to me when making your White Room appointment.

Stapling body modification
Mistress with skin staple kit
A safety note –

Pinch marks may remain on the skin when the staples are removed, these are not serious marks and will fade in a matter of hours.

Scrotal Inflation

New Medical Body Modification Procedure –

I am pleased to announce that I am now able to add scrotal inflation to my White Room repertoire.

The price for this procedure is £20.

Scrotal inflation, or scrotal infusion as it is also known is an invasive treatment that requires a sterile environment to be performed safely. For your re-assurance I provide a full sterile kit for every patient.

The kit includes –
1 x 500ml bag of saline solution 0.9%
1 x Pair of sterile medical gloves
2 x Alcohol wipes
1 x Cannula needle
1 x Surgical drape
1 x Single use infusion set

I would like to thank three of my slaves for kindly offering their bodies for experimentation while I have been perfecting this practice. Your patience and feedback has been invaluable.

Scrotal inflation is a painless operation, my guinea pigs say that they don’t even feel any discomfort when I insert the needle. The 500ml bag of saline fluid is injected by IV drip into your scrotal sac and takes around 30 minutes to be infused.

The full benefit of the infusion only becomes evident when the operation is complete. Although temporary, the unusual weight and size of your inflated balls feels quite astounding, you will be able to enjoy this sensation for a number of hours.

The infused saline stays local to your genital area and can give you the added bonus of a chunkier cock as well. The injected fluid begins to absorb immediately, when you rise in the morning your balls should be back to their regular shape and size.

It is important that you let me know that you want scrotal inflation when you make your medical room appointment, I can then plan it into your session and make sure I have a kit prepared ready for your visit.

Sterile kit for scrotal inflation
Scrotal inflation procedure in the medical room

Butterfly Crop

My latest CP accessory is a riding crop.

This handy implement has a carbon fibre shaft and a leather business end.

Shaped like a butterfly,
stings like a bee.

Impact level: CRUEL

You have been warned.

Cruel butterfly riding crop

Ball Stretching Toy

Attention CBT lovers –

I have now added a shiny lockable ball stretching toy to my CBT toy box.

This beautifully engineered polished steel device is multifunctional, comprising humbler, ball stretcher and ball crusher all in one.

Fits easily round balls of 5 inch circumference. Stretches your scrotum approximately 4.5 inches. Does not come off without my key.

The flat press plate provides light ball torture. But when reversed, I can gradually apply jabbing pressure to your balls with the row of six torturing steel spikes. The amount depending on my sadistic mood, or how much it takes to make your unruly dangly bits look attractive.

The toy has been oiled and tested and is waiting to get a grasp on the nuts of its next victim. It is best worn whilst kneeling on all fours in a crouched, humble position.

My multifunctional humbler device

A Latex Catsuit for Slaves

A welcome gift –

I have good news for slaves who dream of being dominated in luxurious latex.

I have taken delivery of a brand new latex catsuit for you to wear. A much appreciated gift from a slave.

If rubber is your fetish, you can now enjoy the sensation of slipping into a second skin when you attend for session. Your size being the only determining factor.

The thick latex does stretch a little, however the catsuit is best suited for slaves with chests up to 42 inches and up to 6 feet in height; a typical size XL.

The catsuit is shoulder entry, with zips in all the right places for me to access and torment your most sensitive body parts.

Imagine the possibilities with this lovely latex garment. You can be my latex toy, a latex servant to pamper me, or with the addition of this extra layer, my double wrapped heavy bondage latex prisoner. Now that sounds hot!

I’m looking forward to transforming your mundane lives and having you all rubberised soon.

A latex catsuit for my slaves

Mistress and Slave Centenary

I cannot imagine it’s every day that a Mistress reaches a milestone that’s worthy of celebration in her professional career, and a milestone that is equally rare for a man in the humble position of a slave.

I therefore take great pleasure in announcing that slave Jo Nep attended for his one hundredth training session in my charge on the 8th April, 2016. My congratulations go out to him for remaining devoted and being able to participate in such a special occasion.

An informal rubber themed event took place to commemorate the occasion. Highlights included –

   A huge scrotal balloon inflation
   A commemorative portrait of Mistress and slave
   A ladies tea party with hot drinks, cakes, and servant.

A full feature showing all the delights of our 100th celebration is now available.
Click HERE to see it on my blog.
A portrait to commemorate session 100

A Bad Experience at Westward Bound

It’s not often I’m lost for words, but following a mistake with a purchase at Westward Bound I can only say I am stunned by their abysmal customer service.

A screenshot of the catsuit ordered
Click to zoom
My homemade latex catsuit had become too small and I desperately needed a new one. I’m fed up with struggling with back zips nowadays and decided I would like my new catsuit to have a front zip, that would make dressing in it nice and easy. My search brought me to the Westward Bound online shop, where there are a lot of suits to pick from, but it was the Montmartre catsuit with its front zip that had caught my attention. Excellent, just what I wanted. I made a quick phone call for guidance on sizing and then placed my order.

Just as advised, three weeks later my order arrived and I couldn’t wait to check it out. At first glance the garment looked fabulous. I checked the edges and seams, all nicely glued. I checked the zip and both pullers worked fine. The garment looked the right size and nicely made. Later I tried it on, which was quite tricky with the catsuit being tight and straight from the manufacturers table, but Westward Bound state that they will only accept returns if the item is in it’s original condition, so I had my underwear on and avoided using any lube or talc as I carefully wriggled into the catsuit.

My legs went it, then my bottom, I managed to pull it up round my bust and get my arms in, wriggled a bit to get it seated on my shoulders and pulled up the zip. So far so good. I appeared to have bought myself a lovely suit that fitted in all the right places, my husband also saw me model it and agreed that it seemed a nice fit.

Okay then, without further ado I would treat my new catsuit to one of my fabulous chlorination dips, and I’d never need to struggle to get into it again.

A few days later the weather was good and I chlorinated the suit, everything went fine and the catsuit was hung out on the line until it began raining and I brought it indoors to dry. I laid it outstretched on the carpet and admired its silky feel and deep glossy shine. Then I turned it inside out and let the inside dry as well, that’s when I noticed the Westward Bound label, it was positioned along the edge of the zip. A funny place to put a label, I thought. Labels are usually inside the back neckline. I looked at the garment closer and my fear was confirmed; unknowingly I’d tried the catsuit on the wrong way round, Westward Bound had sent me one with a zip in the back!

Obviously I was gutted, I knew that I would not be able to return the catsuit now, but thought I should notify Westward Bound that they had sent the wrong item. I made the phone call and told the lady everything that had happened, for reference I pointed them to the Montmartre Catsuit listing on their website and read the description to the lady, stating that I fully understood that they wouldn’t be able to accept it back, but maybe they could offer some compensation for my disappointment and for sending a wrong order. The lady put me on hold while she checked with a colleague, returning with their decision, a categorical no.

She went on to say that the catsuit I had chosen was supposed to have a zip at the back and that ‘I would have known’. She admitted that the item was wrongly described on their website, but even so ‘I would have known’ from the photos, and therefore were unable to accept responsibility for any mistakes. I could not believe my ears, in reality I’d had no cause to dispute the description, and had accepted that as latex craftsmen they’d done a great job of concealing a zip.

The least I expected was an apology for sending me the wrong goods, or for being misled by the inaccurate description of the catsuit on the website. Westward Bound did not even thank me for bringing that error to their attention, on the contrary, they gave me the distinct impression that they believed I’d plotted the whole thing.

Five minutes after I’d put the phone down Westward Bound had been on their website and corrected the description for the Montmartre Catsuit to say it has a back zip, a mistake they may never have noticed if I hadn’t pointed them to the page. Unknown to them, I was a little quicker and captured a screenshot of the offending item where it is clearly described as having a front zip.

Westward Bound will not be surprised by my rebuke, as I did tell the lady that I was disgusted with their customer service and promised to spread the word. Four weeks have gone by and as yet no attempt has been made to reconcile our disagreement.

Meanwhile, I am once again on the lookout for a front zip latex suit that I like. When worn the right way round the one from Westward Bound is lovely, except that I cannot fasten it up on my own. If there’s one good thing I discovered from this miserable shopping experience it’s that there are more than a few kind slaves I know, who unlike Westward Bound, would go out of their way to help me with my catsuit problem.

Red Cock Cage

Exciting news for cock control aficionados –

The latest addition to my chastity collection is an electro cock cage in a beautiful ruby red colour.

This device is made from lightweight polycarbonate and features a versatile handcuff style locking ring.

But my main reason for choosing it was for its optional electrostimulation capabilities. It comes with two silicone electrodes, which allow me to connect the device to any of my power boxes or remote controls.

Now I can lock your cock up nice and tight and stim the poor thing from up to 50 metres away. How sweet.

The device has been tested with some pleasing results. I look forward to putting it to use in my chambers, and giving your pent-up cock some bursts of extra current.

 Cock cage with e-stim

Festive Fayre

Here we are again celebrating the season of goodwill.

I am already getting into the Christmas spirit and am sticking to my usual Mistress Maggie tradition of dishing out my festive mince pies to all slaves visiting me for sessions during December.

My pies are home-baked and de-li-cious. To find out why I win the prize for ‘best mince pie’, you’d better get yourself booked in for your taste of mince pie and your taste of mischievous masochism soon.

My chambers will close at 5 p.m. on Christmas Eve and will re-open on 4th January 2016.

 Maggie's festive fayre

Walking the Dog

On Friday, a dry autumn day was forecast. Perfect conditions for walking my rubber dog.

So that’s exactly what I did. Ticking another barking mad ambition off my ‘things I must do’ list while I was at it.

The event took little planning, yet turned out to be a superb experience, just as I’d imagined. While I had the pleasure of making one of my fetish urges come alive, dog was able to bounce about on some soft grass and enjoy some much needed exercise. Exercises included following basic dog commands, walking to heel and playing with his quoit toy.

All his skills have been learned indoors during session time, the occasional dog play session being part of his ongoing training. Training that’s undoubtedly reaped its rewards, as I had a most stylish and obedient dog to take out when the right moment arrived. Walking my rubber dog outdoors gave me a real sense of freedom – even dog couldn’t resist giving a few barks of delight.

My dog has written his own account of the event with additional pictures in his blog.

Thinking of coming along and having your fetish urges attended to? – You are welcome, and I would like to re-assure you that your session will be conducted discreetly, away from the eyes of Joe Public and in the comfort of my indoor playrooms, where so many fantasy scenarios are possible.

 Fun commands with a rubber quoit
 Mistress walks dog to heel
 Mistress rests with her rubber dog

Gas Mask Hoods

Good news for lovers of breath control –

Two new Russian GP-7 gas mask hoods are now available for breathplay games.

One is size large and the other a size small.

The best feature of the GP-7 gas mask is the fabulous seal it provides when placed on your face, a definite plus for achieving that essential airtight environment, and sealing in its rubber smell.

Both hoods are chlorinated, and for ease have rear zip closures. They come with standard 40mm DIN GOST fittings making them compatible with most of my breath control accessories, rebreathe bags being the only exception.

Having two masks makes shared breathing possible, ideal for those times when Mistress fancies a go and chooses to join in.

 GP-7 gas mask hoods

Added Anal Pleasures

Good news for electro devotees –

I have added two new toys to my electro kit. Both are anal toys, both are pretty compact in size, and both these pulsating little beauties are bipolar, which means more interesting electrosex combinations for you.

• a bendy silicone plug, great for prostate stimulation
• an egg-shaped probe with flexi tail for easy retrieval

Toy testing is complete. Both items are now ready and waiting to stim your anal pleasure zones.

 Two bipolar anal toys
 Maggie's electroplay egg probe

Electric Pinwheels

New Electric Toys –

The latest addition to my electro kit are custom made double pinwheels. Two of them for twice the kick.

These medical grade steel electrodes are bi-polar, which makes them safe for use anywhere below the neck. They are also compatible with every one of the power units that I use for electrical play.

I am already using my new instruments in my clinic making your pleasure nerves quiver, and as you would expect they are causing quite a sensation.

The pinwheels are serious pieces of electro kit, more suitable for slaves with experience in this field. If you feel you are brave enough to try them then just let me know, they are really quick and easy to set up. I am looking forward to driving my spiky metal wheels along some new flesh, and I could be testing out your nerve reactions soon.

 Electric double pinwheels

Mince Pies

I’m feeling generous this month and dishing out treats.

All slaves visiting for sessions throughout December will receive one of my delicious, prize winning, homemade mince pies.

It’s the very least I can do – after all, you’ll need as much energy as you can get after I've finished tormenting you!

 Mince pies for all

Catheter Play

New Medical Procedure –

Catheter play with bladder draining is now added to my white room agenda.

There is a charge of £10 for the sterile catheter kit used during the procedure.

A complete sterile kit of parts is used every time, which includes an aseptic field and Foley catheter.

If you would like urinary catheterisation as part of your clinic appointment, please let me know when you book your visit.

Catheterisation is a proper clinical procedure and training is required in order to perform it correctly. I am fortunate to have had a nurse, who is well practised in the procedure, assisting me throughout my training.

With additional help from online video tutorials, medical guides, tips from subs with experience in catheter play, and with plenty of ‘hands-on’ experience I am proud to say that my catheterisation skills are now text book.

I would like to thank everyone who has helped me get another one of your organs under my control, especially my white room guinea pigs for being so encouraging and patient while I have been perfecting the procedure.

 A complete, sterile, catheter kit
 Catheter play nurse
 Catheterised slave in fetish clinic

Dysfunctional Heels

New acquisitions –

Heels, but not for walking.

For me.
Heels that need kissing. Do take care doing that.

For you.
Bondage ballet boots.

 Ballet boots for bondage
 Pencil heeled spiked shoes

Tormenting Treasures

Good news for masochists –

I have bought some well made stainless steel items to add to my extensive arsenal of metalwork.

The weighted tweezers work very nicely on nipples. The weights on these little treasures are 50g each. I have also bought a couple of ball crushers so that I can do a nice job of squashing your nuts as well.

All items have been tested and are now in use, enhancing your nipple torture and CBT play.

 New Ball Crushers and Nipple Weights

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